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FINAL GLOBAL UPDATE: #OHDSICOVID19 Study-A-Thon (video link posted)

(Craig Sachson) #1

Day 4

Early Call: Video
Global Call: Video

More than 340 collaborators.
180 hours.
30 nations over six continents.
17 different teams.
1 global OHDSI community.

This #OHDSICOVID19 study-a-thon was an incredible experience, as we showed the power of global collaboration to set the foundation for our research agenda ahead. The COVID-19 pandemic will not end anytime soon, and our community realizes that much more work is still to come.

The foundation we created over the last four days, however, has given us an amazing head start.

The final update of the OHDSI COVID-19 study-a-thon included presentations around multiple areas of the study-a-thon (these are listed below, with appropriate time slots within the video). Please watch it and see the different characterization, prediction and estimation studies we designed, and some of the early results. Learn about the literature review that informed our study design, and a world-wide data network — including several sources with COVID-19 data — that will execute these studies to help generate real-world evidence.

To our collaborators, we hope you take great pride in what you did over the past four days, and (after a bit of sleep) we hope you find inspiration to continue to collaboratively generate the evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care.

We are OHDSI. That’s what we do.

Again, thank you for your incredible efforts.


Literature Review – @jenniferlane (22:00)
Data Network In Action – @krfeeney (26:10)
Phenotype Development – @aostropolets (31:38)
Clinical Characterization of COVID-19 – @edburn (42:10)
The Journey Through Patient-Level Prediction – @Rijnbeek (50:12)
Prediction #1: Amongst Patients Presenting with COVID-19, Influenza, or Associated Symptoms, Who Are Most Likely to be Admitted to the Hospital in the Next 30 Days? – @jennareps (56:55)
Prediction #2: Amongst Patients at GP Presenting with Virus or Associated Symptoms with/without Pneumonia Who Are Sent Home, Who Are Most Likely to Require Hospitalization in the Next 30 Days? – @RossW (1:08:42)
Prediction #3: Amongst Patients Hospitalized with Pneumonia, Who Are Most Likely To Require Intensive Services or Die? – @aniekmarkus (1:15:25)
Estimation #1: Hydroxychloroquine – @Daniel_Prieto (1:23:32)
Estimation #2: Safety of HIV/HepC Protease Inhibitors – @Albert_Prats (1:31:24)
Estimation #3: Association of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors and Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARB) on COVID Incidence and Complications – @danielmorales (1:36:58)
#OpenData4COVID19 @SCYou (1:45:32)
The Journey Ahead – @Patrick_Ryan (1:50:28)
Questions & Answers – @Daniel_Prieto, @Rijnbeek and @Patrick_Ryan (2:08:15)

Day 4: Early Update
Day 3: Early Update l Late Update
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Day 1: Early Update l Late Update

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(Julianna Kohler) #2

Will the slides be made available?

(Craig Sachson) #3

Sorry for the late reply, missed this. The slides are available now on our updates page, or this forum post.

(Julianna Kohler) #4

No worries–I saw them when they were posted and have been distributing broadly! Thank you!