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New working group: Medical Device Working group

(Vojtech Huser) #61

Next meeting of Device WG will be using MS teams as webconference platform.

I am trying to figure out how WG members can self-add their email to the invite. (same for how to add yourself to the Device WG team on teams)

The meeting link is https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3A9148bd05ff8c41dc944de6450265134f%40thread.tacv2/1607530449956?context={"Tid"%3A"a30f0094-9120-4aab-ba4c-e5509023b2d5"%2C"Oid"%3A"bbecbb6d-d4e9-4646-af8d-231456af23c3"}

This forum can remain the main discussion platform for the group (this forum has very simple login and instant account creation).

To add to your calendar, make invite for

every other means months, Jan, March, May, etc. (odd months)
and add the link above as room link

(Vojtech Huser) #62

Dear Device WG members, if you have not joined OHDSI MS Teams, please fill in this form to get onboarded. (best now, don’t wait for Jan 28 (next meeting) to do this)


It will make things easier for you in the long run (to participate on meetings and discussion).

(Mengchun Gong) #63

Please take me in the WG. Thank you.


(Vojtech Huser) #64

Follow these steps to add yourself to invite for a WG (after you have obtained guest MS Teams login):

  • Find WG team and find calendar invite in the channel and view meeting details in … menu of it
  • Click “+ Add to calendar” and you name will appear in optional list of invited attendees (so any changes to appointment made by WG leader will be communicated to you)
  • Any WG Meetings you accepted will now show in your MS Teams calendar (not fully ideal but better than nothing)




(Sarah Seager) #65

If you are signed in as a guest to OHDSI Teams, then you don’t have full Teams capabitlity e.g. calendar

Below are the only ‘apps’ that you can have in OHDSI Teams as a guest

(Elisse Katzman) #66

Sarah is correct. Guests in the tenant dont have calendars and therefore I dont think they can “add” to their calendar that way. They have to be sent the link. I will check with our microsoft team to see if there is another work around.


I don’t see Teams showing in my App, although I received email noted that I am being adding to the group. Is it my Team issue or something else?


Hi all,

The next WG call is scheduled on Jan 28th, 10AM - 11AM.
Toni Morrison will present SNOMED CT and medical device perspective.

I haven’t figured out the Teams meeting myself yet. I hope we will figure it out before the meeting and have a smooth call in two weeks.

Asiyah Lin (Previous FDA, Now NIH)

(Elisse Katzman) #69

What email did you use to sign up?


Hi @ekatzman, my email is asiyah.lin@nih.gov. I guess it is an internal issue. I will register again using another email.

(Elisse Katzman) #71

Hi You are in the team with that email
What email do you want me to try?


Elisse, no worries. I’ve just successfully landed to the Team through online page. It dosen’t show on my desktop App. Can you add me as a member or owner, since I am a co-chair? Is there any policy about being an owner or member in Teams per OHDSI?

(Elisse Katzman) #73

Is this your email? asiyah.lin@nih.gov
I show you are in the Medical Devices Team as a guest
Vojtech Huser is the owner of the team