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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Reuben Cummings) #733

Hi everyone, I’m an MIT alum and run a data analytics company. I’m new to EMRs, but interested in exploring interoperability options that OHDSI opens up. My programming language of choice is Python and I’d really like to learn more about the WhiteRabbit ETL tool. Looking forward to learning more about the platform and connecting with the community!

(Pasi Rikala) #734

Greetings from Finland!

I am a data engineer involved in a project where we are implementing our first OMOP cdm.
At the moment we are designing the ETL with Rabbit-in-a-Hat, almost ready for my part, the ETL implementation.
Be prepared for some stupid questions…


(Junjieliang672) #735

Hi, I’m Junjie Liang from Penn State University. I’m doing research on predictive modeling for longitudinal data. Grad to be here with the community!

(Tim Bergquist) #736

Hi, I’m Tim Bergquist from Sage Bionetworks in Seattle. I’m involved in the N3C project researching predictive model evaluation and data quality assessment. I’m long time lurker on this forum and excited to more officially involved!

(Daniel Kwakye Nomah) #738

My name is Daniel Nomah. I am a Physician and a PhD Researcher at the Center of Epidemiological Studies on HIV/AIDS and STIs in Catalonia (CEEISCAT), Spain. As part of my PhD research, I work on the PISCIS cohort of HIV+ patients in care in Catalonia.

My main goals for joining this community is to learn the procedure of translating our data into the OMOP model and generally about the methodology of conducting large scale research with real-world data.

I have a special interest to improve health outcomes in HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and COVID-19. Thanks to @asentis for introducing me to this community.

Warmest regards,

(Gregory Klebanov) #739

Dear Daniel - welcome to OHDSI!

Btw, are you familiar with IMI EHDEN? There are several data sites from Spain / Catalonia that are being available as a part of this initiative. If interested, please do not hesitate to reach out and I can make the introductions!

(Daniel Kwakye Nomah) #740

Thank you @gregk

I will really welcome an introduction to the IMI EHDEN group and any other groups from Spain in OHDSI. I will look forward to that.

Thanks again.

('Buchi) #741

Hello, I am a healthcare analyst with a background in clinical practice. I currently work as a real-world data for a pharmaceutical company and have an adjunct faculty role, teaching population health science. I am interested in learning more about OHDSI and the tools used by community members for observational studies.

(Vasyl Atamanyuk) #742

Hello Team)
My name is Vasyl and I’m a Medicinal Chemist researcher with a specialization in Computational Chemistry.
I’m interested in building end-to-end drug action predictive pipeline and I was thrilled to find the OHDSI community.
Let’s collaborate on the future of Predictive Medicine

(Don Cavin) #743

Hi all. My name is Don Cavin. I recently started as a data consultant with The Ohio State University Total Cancer Care program. I started as an Oracle DBA way back in 1991, but I am still learning every day. My interests are data warehouse and database performance, and data vault. I am tasked with designing a new architecture to maintain our data warehouse of clinical trial/EMR/all sources data. We are considering the OMOP data model, but I am most interested to see if this supports different data sources well. On cursory review, it does not seem to. I am interested in anyone who may be combining OMOP with “Data Vault” methodology or Kimball methodology.

(Melanie Philofsky) #744

Welcome @donrcavin,

I’m not a “database” person, so I can’t speak to some of your points. However, maybe I don’t fully understand what you need, but this assessment seems off:

The *_type_concept_id field present in all clinical event tables specifies the provenance of the data. If what you need is not present here, then just ask for it on the Vocabulary section of the forums.

(Michael Lubke) #745

Hello! My name is Michael Lubke and I just transitioned from a software engineering role to a computational medical informatics analyst role at Imagenetics at Sanford Health.

I have roughly 4 years of AWS experience, from building complex data ingest, processing, archiving, and distribution systems, to building a patient experience application utilizing a serverless architecture. I’m hoping to leverage these skills to assist my team with all things data.

(Thomas Forsyth) #746

I am Tom Forsyth from Mercy (sites primarily in MO, AR, OK, KS), and I do data modeling and data architecture work in the Real-world Evidence space. I am getting involved with OHDSI as a result of the requirement to use the OMOP data model for a NEST Coordinating Center project involving medical devices. This is actually the second project in which I have participated in recent years related to medical devices, and I am looking forward to learning how the OMOP model supports capture of medical device information. Perhaps my learnings will allow me to make some recommendations about extending the OMOP model to better capture device information.

(omar serang) #747

Hi I’m Omar Serang, Chief Cloud Officer at DNAnexus. I contribute to cloud and data architectures at the intersection of regulatory science (FDA), drug development, and patient care. I am the lead architect of precision.fda.gov and have contributed to the design of multiple scientific challenges for NGS variant calling.

My work focuses on leveraging cloud technology to combine genomics and other molecular data with clinical and EHR data to advance drug target and biomarker discovery, to transform clinical trial designs, and to accelerate advancements in precision patient care.

I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to semantic and concept layer work groups and am particularly interested in ontological harmonization and remote data federation.

(The Cedar Prince) #748

Yo yo yo!

My name is Jacob Zelko and I am a Health Data Analytics and Informatics Researcher at Georgia Tech Research Institute. I am based in the Center for Health Analytics which is directed by @jon_duke. Super excited to be working there with the team! I decided to join the OHDSI community as I am a firm believer that learning does not happen alone - eager to learn more about OHDSI and other happenings! :tada:

~ tcp

(Shilpa Ratwani) #749

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(omar serang) #750

Hi @Shilpa_Ratwani, please use oserang@dnanexus.com.



(Arthur P Goldberg) #751

Hi, I’m Arthur Goldberg at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. I’m an Associate Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences. I’ve conducted research in distributed computer languages, computer network performance, genetics, and systems biology.

Recently I started working on making it easier for researchers at Sinai to find, access, and use medical data. I’ve been studying OHDSI and am impressed with what you all have accomplished.


(Seng Chan You) #752

Welcome, @arthur.goldberg
As a subgroup of Oncology workgroup, genomic WG is developing an extension of OMOP-CDM for genomic data. Details for primitive version of genomic CDM are available at JMIR, too.

(Gresh) #753


John here. We are currently looking to implement an OMOP solution for our enterprise informatics system. I’m new to OMOP and looking forward to being a part of this community.

I’ve added the monthly working group meeting to my calendar from the web site here, but I don’t see any information on the weekly Tuesday meeting mentioned inThe Book of OHDSI in section 2.1.3 . Is this meeting still occurring?