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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Gresh) #756

Thanks for the update and the link Kristin! Looking forward to learning more.

(Vasileios) #757

Hello OHDSI!
My name is Vasileios Sakalis and I am a urologist from Greece. Excited to join this network!

(Yeorim Ahn) #758

Hi! My name is Yeorim Ahn, MD from South Korea.

I recently changed my career from a physician to medical affairs team at an IT company where OMOP-CDM data conversion tech is its main business model.

I’m looking forward to learning more about OHDSI!

(Teri M Sippel Schmidt) #759

Hello everyone!

My name is Teri Sippel Schmidt and I am curious to learn more about OHDSI. My background is in international imaging standards (DICOM, IHE, HL7 v2, HL7 FHIR). I am also fairly involved in SIIM and RSNA. (all medical imaging) My interests are in informatics, imaging, system interoperability, and international standards. In the past I have been involved in sw dev companies including Mitra Imaging and Karos Health, but am currently an adjunct prof at Marquette University - BioMed Engineering in Milwaukee. As of very recently, also working with Johns Hopkins on their FHIR based class.

Looking forward to learning lots.
Twitter: @terimsippel
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/teri-sippel-schmidt-b045994

(Gongliang Zhang) #760

Hello everyone,
My name is Gongliang Zhang. I am an Informatics Analyst in MedStar Health. I hope I can enrich my knowledge in informatics and data sciences by learning from members from ODHSI, as well as facilitate the development of ODHSI community. Thanks.

(Daniel Jeannetot) #761

Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel Jeannetot, I recently joined the Medical Informatics department of Erasmus Medical Centre to do my PhD under Peter Rijnbeek’s supervision.
My topic will explore the use of geospatial data combined with the OMOP CDM for patient level prediction.

I am an epidemiologist with a specialty in spatial epidemiology and have worked in sub-Saharan Africa on TB, vaccination campaigns, WASH, and health care accessibility.

Looking forward being part of the OHDSI community!

(julie josse) #762


I am Julie Josse, a French professor and researcher in statistics and machine learning working on causal inference and how to handle missing values. I mainly work with critical care data (traumabase group in France) and develop methods to combine RCTs and observational studies.
I am just discovering OHDSI so for now look for information about the community,
Thank you for your help,
Best wishes,

(Houcemeddine Othman) #763

Hi everyone,
My name is Houcem. I am a bioinformatician at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.
I am focusing on studying the pharmacogenomic landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa and variant prioritization using multiscale molecular modeling methods. I am looking to learn more about the implementation of clinical data according to the OMOP Common Data Model. I am excited to be part of the “Genomics” working group. I would also like to share ideas for research collaboration about COVID-19.
One of my goals is to contribute to the democratization of open science culture within the clinical health system. For that, I would also like to know more about the capacity to use controlled vocabulary in different languages other than English.
In my pastime, I enjoy playing music and running. Cooking and blacksmithing are also some of my favorite activities.

(Gregory Klebanov) #764

@hothman - Welcome to OHDSI! Do not hesitate to reach out on forums or directly if you have any question or great ideas!


(Marko Balabanovic) #765

Hi, I’m Marko Balabanovic, Technology Director at Our Future Health in London. We’re a new charity formed to tackle the UK government’s challenge on accelerating detection of disease (as part of the UK’s life sciences industrial strategy). Our mission is to build national resource that will be the most detailed picture we’ve ever had of the UK’s health, to help us detect common diseases earlier and allow more people to live healthier lives for longer. We will invite 5 million people from all backgrounds and from right across the UK to take part. The resulting data resource will be open to researchers and scientists. But we’re just getting started! I hope to learn a lot from this community, as we will be aiming to gather data directly, including genetics, as well as linking to health records and other datasets on a large scale, so we’ll be very keen to use good structure and standards and to promote interoperability. I also serve as a non-executive director for NHS Digital.

(Dermot Doyle) #766

Hi Marko, welcome aboard. That sounds like a fantastic mission!

(Alexandra Summers) #767

Hello everyone
My name is Alexandra. I have a master’s degree in computer engineering. I have been working on a programming project with a computer engineering team for several years. And now we turn to medicine. I wish everyone success.

(Diane Elinski) #768

Hello! My name is Diane Elinski, I work for Snowflake as a Sr Sales Engineer. I have many years of experience in the healthcare field and have just created the load scripts to load your “OMOP Vocabularies” into Snowflake. Snowflake has a “Data Marketplace” that may be helpful to our health care and life science customers. Looking forward to working with the group and publishing the “OMAP” github for Snowflake.

(Gizem) #769

Hello everyone!
My name is Gizem Tanriver. I am a data scientist / machine learning researcher. My background is in molecular biology and I worked in the clinical trials industry as a CRA for several years before transitioning to data science. I am a firm believer that well structured and standardised data has enormous power to answer many research questions which would otherwise require vast resources - both in time and money. I have mostly studied computer vision models and medical imaging during my masters, but I recently started working on EMR data analysis. I am very excited to join this community and would love to contribute to any relevant topics and studies in data analysis and machine learning research. If interested, please free feel to connect with me.

(John Whitten) #770

My name is John Whitten, I’ve started a new position as an application developer recently at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on their Big Data team. One of my responsibilities is supporting the PCORNet CDM as well as their ETL pipelines. I’m interested in learning more about the OMOP data model and how it is related to PCORNet.
I have a background in application development in the health insurance industry and I’m eager to learn more about the analytics and research relating to health data.

(Judy Hall Chen) #771

Hello all, I am excited to join this community!

My name is Judy Chen and I am currently a clinical informatics specialist with a clinical background in OBGYN for the Los Angeles Department of Health Systems. I am also currently working on a masters of health management, economics, and policy through the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. Super excited to learn from you all and hope to make some great connections.

(Daniel C. Phelps) #772

Hello everyone - My name is Dan Phelps and I’m a faculty member in the Information Systems program at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. I have both a statistical and health care background and am quite interested in engaging in collaborative research, particularly focused on emergency and critical care analytics to understand and improve clinical care.

(Yina Quique) #773

Hi everyone. My name is Yina Quique; I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Education in Health Sciences at Northwestern University.
My research focuses on improving rehabilitation outcomes and healthcare services for stroke survivors with aphasia. I am especially interested in developing culturally-sensitive and language-specific interventions for Spanish speakers with aphasia.

I am still learning about the opportunities that this community affords, and I hope to have more specific ideas about how to collaborate once I have learned more about it. For now, I am open to share domain-specific knowledge about rehabilitation processes after a stroke, especially for people with aphasia. I am a speech and language pathologist, and my Ph.D. is in communication disorders.

I am from Colombia. Coffee and hiking lover!

Thank you, everyone!

(Jose Posada) #774

Welcome @yyinaa

(Viviane Lin) #775

Hello OHDSI community!

My name is Viviane, and I am a German medical doctor and GI-surgery resident working in Denmark, currently taking time off from clinical work to do a PhD. I work at the Center for Surgical Science (https://centerforsurgicalscience.dk/), where we are in the process of building a CDM using several Danish health care registries. Our main research focus at CSS is colorectal surgery and oncological surgery, and we are especially interested in using the CDM for developing prediction models for colorectal cancer surgery. We aim to improve patient care using personalized medicine, and have in recent years moved to incorporate Big Data and AI into our research.

One of my main areas of focus is inflammatory bowel disease surgery (IBD surgery), and I am interested in building an IBD CDM using Danish health care data. I don’t have a data science or programming background, so I have only been learning about OHDSI through the book of OHDSI and EHDEN academy, and the classic learning-by-doing strategy! Also, I have a very diverse group of excellent colleagues at CSS, with backgrounds in data science, biostatistics, medicine and surgery, and some with prior experience working with OHDSI.

I hope you all bear with me when I bombard the OHDSI community with questions on vocabulary mappings, prediction modeling and will be searching for fellow OHDSI IBD and colorectal cancer research friends in the future!

I currently use my free time mainly for CDM vocabulary mapping, but otherwise I like traveling, drinking a nice glas of wine with excellent food, and hiking.

Best regards from Denmark and looking forward to being a part of this community,