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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #754

Hi @greshje - the weekly meeting took a holiday break and will be starting up again this week at a new time: Tuesday at 11AM EST.

There’s more information on this post: First Community Call of 2020 (LINK included) - Jan. 12, 11 am ET

Thanks for catching that. I’ve also updated the Book of OHDSI. :slight_smile:

(Arthur P Goldberg) #755

Thanks @SCYou. Great to learn that you’re working on a genomics extension of OMOP-CDM.

I’d love to participate in that effort, but currently I’m focused on transitioning to my new position and planning a deployment of a cohort query tool at Mount Sinai for our 9M patient records.

If you can, please reach out to me in a month or two and I’ll try to join then.


(Gresh) #756

Thanks for the update and the link Kristin! Looking forward to learning more.

(Vasileios) #757

Hello OHDSI!
My name is Vasileios Sakalis and I am a urologist from Greece. Excited to join this network!