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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Andrew Williams) #711


(Daniel Salcedo) #712

Hello Everyone,
My name is Daniel Salcedo, I’m a medical doctor and clinical educator at Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital in Taiwan. My field of study is Technology Enhanced Learning for Health Professions Education, and work in integrating new technologies to improve the way we train health professionals at the point-of-care.
I am currently completing my PhD in Biotechnology and Healthcare Management and OHDSI is integrated is part of curriculum of the Medical Informatics course.
I am looking forward to learning more about OHDSI and how to integrate it into my work.

(Sai) #713

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sai Meegada, I’m a Business Intelligence Developer at RWJ Barnabas. We are implementing Epic at our Organization and wanted to explore OMOP CDM for our research users.

(Michael Cook) #714

Hello everybody. My name is Michael Cook and I am a Senior Investigator at the US National Cancer Institute. I am interested in learning more about the OMOP CDM and whether a crosswalk to the HSCRN Virtual Data Warehouse Data Model (http://www.hcsrn.org/en/Tools%20&%20Materials/VDW/) is available or could be built off any existing resource.

(Joshua Ide) #715

Hello everyone,

My name is Joshua Ide and I am new to the OHDSI community. I have worked in data sciences at JNJ since 2018, largely in pharmacovigilance analytics, but I just recently started working more closely with Patrick Ryan’s observational health data analytics organization internal to JNJ. My background is in mathematics, and prior to joining JNJ, I worked as a software engineer in the financial space and as an applied mathematician for the US federal government. I have been an admirer of the OHDSI community for some time, and I’m looking forward to starting to contribute to the community!


(Lillian Li) #716

Hi, I am new to OHDSI. I am a medical doctor and interested in clinical researches, especially in real world evidence. On a life mission of making healthmanagement better using advanced informatic technologies, in particularly, I focus on developing prediction models for cancer or metabolic diseases.

(Alessandra Lacetera) #717

Hi everyone,

My name is Alessandra and I am new to the OHDSI community. I work in a RWE CRO as data analyst. Indeed I started in my company as Clinical Research Associate and Medical Coder (MedDRA), but after I moved to HEOR department for my passion in programming and data analyst. I am a pharmacist with a PhD in Computational Chemistry. I hope to be able to contribute to the community! Still figure out how everythings works here! Step by step :wink:

(Daryle B) #718

Hello Everyone,
My name is Daryle and I am new to the group. I am in a doctorate program at CUNY School of Public Health. I am looking forward to learning from and working with this group. My area of concentration is in environmental, occupational, and geospatial health sciences.

(Victor Morgante) #719

Hi, I am Victor from Australia. I specialise in conceptual modelling and natural language queries over data sets using fact-based modelling. My interest in the CDM is to work with others to make it as easy as possible to access the information stored in CDM databases. Not everyone is born to write database queries…but everyone is born with natural language abilities. So querying a database in natural language makes sense. Reach out if you have capacity for collaboration…

(Quinton Ng) #721

Hi all! I am Quinton, a Year 1 PhD student at University of California, Irvine (UCI), Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice. My current work at data extraction and analyzing the All of Us database has brought me to join the OHDSI community to learn more about OMOP CDM. I am still new to the field of medical informatics and hope to learn as much as possible from you all and the resources available. Nice to meet you!

(Thiago Silva) #722

Hi, Thiago Cerqueira here.
I’m currently an MD/Ph.D. student at UFBA. Just joined the group. I want to learn how to extract the best evidence from observational studies through a solid knowledge of biostatistics/epidemiology. This year I have jumped into the world of data science with R and love it. I would like to help with activities related to data analytics.
Looking forward to interacting with the group!


(Yudha Eri Saputra) #723

Hi my name is Yudha. I’m from Indonesia but currently studying my PhD in Biotech and Healthcare Management at Taipei Medical University. My background is a pharmacist while I did my MBA in Data Science from the same university at Taipei Medical University. I’m also running a startup with our team that focus on online education to healthcare professionals and students in Indonesia.

I’m very excited with last OHDSI Symposium 2020 even though I’m still newbie in this field. I’m curious to participate in manuscript related project since it’s a good way for me to learn how to translate a research into publication while hopefully a slot to be a co-author might be visible. Beside, I’m using R and Python, while still understand some basics, I’m willing to help whether in the part of preprocessing or training.

Nice to meet you all!
Have fun!

(Adriana Campos) #724

Good afternoon fellow researchers,

My name is Adriana Campos and I am a second year PhD student at the University of South Florida. I am studying public health, specifically epidemiology. Additionally I have my MPH in Epidemiology and Global Health and am passionate about infectious diseases. Currently, I am taking my doctoral classes and working as a graduate assistant. I am involved with multiple projects from maternal and child health to infectious diseases and enjoying learned about it all.

I would love the opportunity to network and earn the chance to work on COVID-19/related projects with the OHDSI community. I have experience with data analysis (SAS) and writing manuscripts. I am very excited to see what experiences we can gain working together.


(Jose Cabrera Zuniga) #725

My name is Jose Cabrera Zuniga and I work for the UNM HSC CTSC Informatics Department. I have been tasked with the adaptation of https://github.com/OHDSI/ETL-CDMBuilder to our needs. I observed that this project moved to AWS but somehow, my Department needs to work out of AWS. We have a Truven database that we want to convert to the latest OMOP specs. Any suggestions about how to achieve this goal are welcome!


(Anne Dirkson) #726

Hi everyone!

My name is Anne Dirkson. I am a PhD student at Leiden University in the Netherlands. I am focusing on knowledge discovery from patient fora using text mining techniques. I hope to research the complementary value of patient fora as a knowledge source for adverse drug responses by comparing it to the data hosted by the Pharmacological Evidence Investigation working group (formerly: LAERTES). I hope someone here can help me get in touch with them.


(Judit Riera Arnau) #728

I’m Judit Riera-Arnau, a spanish MD specialized in Clinical Pharmacology.
I am currently doing my PhD on Pharmacoepidemiology, and working in a University Hospital as a Clinical Pharmacologist in the Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology department.

My main interest in involving myself in OHDSI, is to learn procedures, methodologies, etc when performing larg-scale studies, specifically on pharmacoepidemiology and human safety issues.

I think I can contribute the community with my experience on drug utilization data, drug exposure and adherence, clinical issues related to research, everything on health outcomes study (from raising an idea of a project, to its methodology concerns, and results interpretation), and drug safety.

I have performed some analysis of observational data with RStudio (despite I have only an intermediate to low knowledge) and I have also a good background on biostatistics.

From another side, I love travelling (what a pity about the pandemic!), music, sports and teaching. My mind has been turned upside down and now I’m painting on my free-time also…

(Ethan Rissell) #729

I’m Ethan Rissell and I’m a developer on the OMOP Team at IQVIA. I’ve been with IQVIA for a little over three years and have been doing ETL work for close to 10 years. I have been on the OHDSI forums for a while but am just introducing myself now.


(Sam Weerahandi) #730

I am glad that you are well experienced and I hope you can help answer my question:

I am advanced R programmer, but new to OHDSI. Could you please let me know how to install and run White Rabit?

I have login for GitHub as well as OHDSI.

Thanks in advance!


(Sam Weerahandi) #731

I am glad that you are well experienced and I hope you can help answer my question:

I am advanced R programmer, but new to OHDSI. Could you please let me know how to install and run White Rabit?

I have login for GitHub as well as OHDSI.

Thanks in advance!


(Allen) #732

Hi everyone,

I’m a health actuary with experience working with large employer-sponsored plans based in the U.S. These days I am doing more with data science, with an interest in causal inference and deep learning. I’d like to help out with supporting any analyses or running studies. I would also be interested in any model development or webapp development.

Looking forward to learning more about the community and contributing in any way I can.