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First Community Call of 2020 (LINK included) - Jan. 12, 11 am ET

(Craig Sachson) #1

Our first community call of 2021 will be Tuesday, Jan. 12, at the new weekly time of 11 am ET. The theme of this call will be “Goal-Setting in 2021” and we hope to see as many (or more) people as we did for our festive call to close 2020 (singing is unlikely next week :smile:).

Below is the link for the Jan. 12 meeting ONLY. We are working on the technical steps to create a recurring meeting that can appear on all of your schedules, and we hope that is in place by the end of next week. In the meantime, please use this link to join:


I will post this link again next week (and share on our social channels), but wanted everybody to be aware that this link is out there. We’re excited to get back together as a community and continue our work towards bettering health through collaboration and open science.

Have a great weekend,

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