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THEMIS: New Initiative to create definitive conventions for data in the OMOP CDM


(Erica Voss) #42

I assumed from default that someone would invite me. :smile: Did the first meeting happen already?

(Michael Kahn) #43

PEDSnet, thru the thoughtful guidance of @bailey and his amazing folks at CHOP, have created a very extensive ETL conventions document used by the 8 members of that data network. Not suggesting that the community adopt the PEDSnet ETL conventions but sharing one example that has been used successfully and always amazes me that we continue to find additional “edge cases” that need common ETL approaches.Data_Models_Pedsnet_CDM_ETL_Conventions.md at pedsnet_v2.5.pdf (803.2 KB)

(Da Hye Shin) #44

I would like to join too.

(MINA KIM) #45

good! I would like to be involved too.

(corina bennett) #46

@Christian_Reich Could you please add me as well?

(Peter Rijnbeek) #47

Hi Christian count me in.

(Yourim Lee) #48

Hi I’d like to join. My email address is urimee@ajou.ac.kr.
Thank you :slight_smile:

(ShinSeojeong) #49

I’d like to join. :grinning:

My E-mail: lucid900921@naver.com


Hi, Please add me, too!!

(Hojun Park) #51

I’d like to join the WG. Thank you.

(Christian Reich) #52

Friends from ajou.ac.kr: Are you sure you all want to come? We are planning on doing it in all-day workshops with physical presence in the Eastern Standard Time zone. Do you all want to travel?

(Seojeong Shin) #53

I would like to join.

E-mail: lucid900921@naver.com

(Su Man Nam) #54

I’d like to join, too.
My email is sumannam@gmail.com

Request for Input: 2018 OHDSI Symposium (USA) Theme
(Robert Lanese) #55

Count me in as well.

(Vojtech Huser) #56

Inspiration for the group: (draft v4 of pcornet)

(Christian Reich) #57


Do you have the full thing? Could be good for the THEMIS discussions. Even though some of the choices are debatable.

(James Weaver) #58

Hi @Christian_Reich, could you please add me to this group? I’d like to join the discussion on how to best and consistently capture pregnancy episodes and mother-child linkages, among things.

(Melanie Philofsky) #59

@Asha_Mahesh @Christian_Reich

Are we keeping a list of issues that need to be resolved in the THEMIS group? I have some items to add :slight_smile:


Procedure Type Concept Id provenance vs priority
(Christian Reich) #60


What do you have? The list is spread over the 4 groups at http://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:workgroups:themis.

(Melanie Philofsky) #61

I am mapping source EHR social history concepts to OMOP. Some of the social history concepts (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug use, sexual activity) are in the Observation & Measurement domain, some are Condition_Occurrences, but aren’t true “conditions”. We need conventions on which standard concepts to use, more standard concepts to represent source values and maybe some “suggested” concept sets. There are many standard concepts to choose from to represent the fact that a person drinks alcohol. And no standard concepts to represent their denial of illicit drug use.

Also, I am using the Fact_Relationship table to link two Observation_ids together or a Condition_Occurrence_id to an Observation_id. However, there are only 10 standard Relationship concepts and none are appropriate.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more examples as I work through our social history source data.