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THEMIS: New Initiative to create definitive conventions for data in the OMOP CDM

I’m in.

Hi Christian, I would love to join. Kindly add me as well, my email is singlalovkesh@gmail.com. Thanks!

Hi, Christian. Please include me as well.

@Jesse_Johnson: Need your email address.

I would like to be included as well

Sign me! I’ll bring use cases. :slight_smile:

I’d like to be involved too. @clairblacketer, @ericaVoss, and I manage our Optum and Truven ETLs and have often faced the challenge of how best to standardize on conventions for these data sets as they are very similar in their composition.

Terrific idea. I would like to be involved too!


You are all registered and will get an invitation.

Please add. steve.deppen at vanderbilt edu

Christian, is there an existing GITHUB environment to post our existing code and documentation once they’ve been scrubbed of VA specific language?


Stephen Deppen
VA-TVHS, Nashville

Hi @Christian_Reich thanks for leading this very important initiative. Please add me to the list.

Yes, keep me in the loop, please: jessica.toth@ucdenver.edu. Thank you.

Chris, plz add me to the WG. We have same issues in Korea. We are
developing our own SOP (standard operation procedure) for it. I will let my
colleges to join this WG, who is in charge of preparing the SOP for Korean.
Furthermore if we can make a data quality certification level and tools to
measure it, then it would be wonderful.


You got it, Rae. It would be wonderful if you could share your experience.

I would like to be involved as well! Happy to help out

I would like to be involved as well.

And you are who? :smile:

Pointing your mouse at my name icon and you will see the introduction of myself. I am not able to submit my photo in a upright way. Somehow it always shows the sleeping position regardless whether I set photo in horizontal or vertical position.

Ah, good point. It’s jessejo@google.com


Hello Christian. Not sure whether the first WG session has already been held, but if possible I would love to join and share our experience with the mapping of some European datasets. My email: maxim at thehyve.nl