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R-studio stucks in the middle of package running without giving any error

(Harsha Ragyari) #1

Hi people. Firstly, i would like to send gratitude to all the people involved in this forum especially developers for their contribution to solve the issues.
Everytime i run the code for PLE study package, when the program reaches the part “Running cohort method analysis, creating cohortmethod data objects” the program doesnt move(stucks at 0%) and after few hours it throws error “Error in unserialize(socklist[[2]]) : ‘connection’ must be a connection”. This error doesnt seem to be a mistake in code, but a system issue. Please give me clarification on this. Thanks

R version 3.5.3 (2019-03-11)


(Adam Black) #2

This error seems to have something to do with parallel computation. Maybe try setting maxCores = 1 in the execute() function.

(Harsha Ragyari) #3

Thanks @Adam_Black for the reply. It seems to work partially but again after few lines of execution it got stucked at “constructing features on server” (20%). what exactly is the possible solution for this? how can we avoid it permanently? I would be much delighted if @schuemie chip into this. Thanks again. Love you all.

(Adam Black) #4

Debugging study packages can be difficult, and with limited information about the problem it is hard to determine it’s cause and solution. A few strategies I can suggest are

  • Try running FeatureExtraction on your CDM independent of the study package. Rule out problems with database access and the possibility that constructing features on your database is just very slow.
  • Double check the versions of the HADES packages required by the study package
  • Try running a different (minimal) PLE study. Determine if the issue happens with all PLE studies or is specific to your PLE study.
  • Finally you can try inserting a browser() function call or code breakpoint at the beginning of the execute() function and step through the code execution one step at a time to identify exactly where the issue occurs. It sounds like the problem is occurring with FeatureExtraction.