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Inventory of OHDSI Infrastructures in the community: your input is needed!

(Peter Rijnbeek) #1

Hi All,

We often get the question: “What hardware should I buy to run the OHDSI tools?”. The answer to this question is of course dependent on many factors, e.g., the size of your dataset, number of users etc.

The good thing is though that many people across the world have already selected a technical infrastructure for their setting and the community should learn from their experience.

We are therefore preparing a guidance document which will include an overview of examples from the community. We think that this will be very useful for new members but also for our tool developers.

You are invited to share your setup and experience using this form.

We need your input!!

Feel free to contact me at p.rijnbeek@erasmusmc.nl if you have any questions.

Peter Rijnbeek
Erasmus MC

(Peter Rijnbeek) #2

@krfeeney, @Juan_Banda, @hripcsa, @nigam, @lee_evans,@Andrew could you please ask someone from you organisations to fill in this form?



(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #3

@mvanzandt has asked @areckard to fill this out. :slight_smile:

(Karthik) #4

@Rijnbeek, I filled it out for Columbia