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OMOP CDM editable diagram

Hello everyone, Do any of you have the editable diagram about the OMOP CDM tables?


I am afraid I don’t have it, but if you’re going to draw your own, here is one (out of so many) suggestion of handy app: dbdiagram.io - Database Relationship Diagrams Design Tool

Kind regards.


Hi, I have tried to draw the ERD with dbdiagram.io before …
It is not the official one but I attached it just for sharing.

you can create and edit the diagram using the codes in the doc file.

dbdiagram_OMOP_CDM_531.docx (21.8 KB)

OMOP_CDM_5_3_1.pdf (960.9 KB)


Awesome, thanks Chungsoo.

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Thanks @fabkury and @Chungsoo_Kim hung for your reply. Actually, I was referring to whether someone had a simple (non-relational) diagram of the tables in the CDM, such as the one that appears in the OHDSI book. I attach in this link the simple diagram that I have made for explanatory purposes of the CDM. (please do a copy of this file in your google drive repository)