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[OHDSI Covid19] Review on existing treatment experiments

(Jon Duke) #41

+1-415-655-0001 US TOLL

Access code: 471 946 139

(Cynthia Sung) #42

OK I’m calling from cell phone, but waiting for call leader.

(Jon Duke) #43

@CSung have you been able to get in?

(Jon Duke) #44

Just in case, here is a host key: 170859

(Jon Duke) #45

Thanks all for joining. The assignment groups are here.

Group #1 Target (Vojtech lead): Post raw study data by Weds 10am ET

Group #2 Target (Ana lead): Finalize prioritized list of interventions and outcomes by Thurs 8am

Group #3 Target (Jon lead): Ongoing mapping of interventions and outcomes to OMOP vocabulary

Thanks everyone!


(Marcela) #47

@group 1 might also look here at a shortlist of 60 drugs https://www.genengnews.com/virology/coronavirus/catching-up-to-coronavirus-top-60-treatments-in-development/
Also clinical trials in Spain, though there were only 3 registered as of yesterday: https://reec.aemps.es/reec/public/web.html

(Hainiwen) #48

So for group #2 how will we collaborate?(or did I miss the code?) waiting to follow your lead.@szarfman

(Cynthia Sung) #49

@nigehughes Does anyone know how to get ICF for the WHO Solidarity Trial. I can’t find it at WHO website. My niece is a medical doctor in NYC hospital and wants to enroll her patients.

(Nigel Hughes) #50

Hi @CSung

Bizarre that they don’t make that obvious. Curiously though, the US is not included in the original countries within the trial: Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, France, Iran, Norway, South Africa, Spain Switzerland, and Thailand

Note INSERM announced a similar European study called DISCOVERY: https://presse.inserm.fr/en/launch-of-a-european-clinical-trial-against-covid-19/38737/

Not seen any similar response in the US?



(Rune Petring Hasselager) #51

Dear team

Due to the rising numbers of Covid-19 in Denmark I have been asked to join a task force on prediction models using our national databases. It is also likely that I will be needed in ICU the coming days when the case numbers rise here. Therefore, I am not able to attend the Study-a-thon the coming days. I hope to be able to join the next OHDSI study-a-thon. Best of luck to you all!


(Alan Goldhammer) #52

There are press reports that ORACLE will be establishing a platform to collect clinical data on cholorquine and hydroxychloroquine but the company has offered no details on timing and what type of information will be collected. I wonder how this will fit in with the WHO effort.

(Shawn Dolley) #53

I heard this 2 days ago. As I understand it, (vague) Larry Ellison is offering licenses of the Oracle Clinical Trial Management software (my naming may be off) and will be collecting anonymized patient level data from multiple places, to make available for secondary analysis.

(Jon Duke) #54

@Vojtech_Huser Is there a spot where Team 2 can access the preliminary comprehensive dataset?

(Vojtech Huser) #55

Sorry for delay. AMIA deadline is affecting us. The script and interim (good enough) results are posted here https://github.com/lhncbc/r-snippets-bmi/tree/master/regCOVID

If you want one CSV file, use this one: https://github.com/lhncbc/r-snippets-bmi/blob/master/regCOVID/covid_int_a.csv (raw link https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lhncbc/r-snippets-bmi/master/regCOVID/covid_int_a.csv, right click raw link and select save as (and add .csv as extension; than open in spreadsheet app (e.g., Excel))

Note that the broad set (from registries) may not have all trials that end up on the hot list. We expect observational trials be in literature (including gray) that would never be registered (no mandate to register observational trials)

(Cynthia Sung) #56

Thanks for the info on the countries allowed to enroll.

(Zachary Moldwin) #57

Synthesis of CTG and WHO data elements

This is my preliminary attempt at synthesizing the readily available data elements of the two datasets; there is still some roughness and suggestions/further processing are welcome.

EDIT: As I see that the WHO’s ICTRP is down due to traffic, I posted yesterday’s raw output here.

EDIT: WHO has made their full dataset available here; I am not sure of the update frequency.

(Jon Duke) #58

Thank you @Vojtech_Huser, @ZachMoldwin and all from Team #1.

@szarfman and team #2, are you able to access the data to begin putting together the Hot List?

(Hainiwen) #59

@jon_duke @szarfman

Thanks for the data share! @Vojtech_Huser @ZachMoldwin
While I am browsing these trials we collected again, I find a target that easy to miss but lots of data can answer with: steroids use for patients with severe pneumonia! And many clinical trials on our datasheet are aiming at this one too.

So i’m thinking of answering an estimation question:

Efficacy and safety of steroids (e.g. Methylprednisolone) for patients of influenza induced severe pneumonia.

Efficacy: mortality, recovery from ARDS, sepsis, pneumonia

Safety: severe side effects of steroids: secondary infection; DM2, osteoporosis leading to fracture etc…

By setting cohort, I’m thinking of patients of Methylprednisolone to pts of other steroids; Or patients of steroids use against pts of no steroids use (as indication of steroids is controversial).

Any thoughts on this one?

Another one I gathered from what we were discussing on last meeting:

Prediction: who are the patients of virus pneumonia will get cytokine release syndrome within 5 (or 7) days after inpatient admission.

Since the rationale behind use of DMARDS is to prevent cytokine release syndrome, predicting who will get it will surely help making clinical decisions.

Any suggestions? Shall we shape these two questions better?

(Jon Duke) #60

Hi team, I have posted a list of interventions with trial counts and OMOP concept ids up on the share page

(Hainiwen) #61

cannot access to the file