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[OHDSI Covid19] Review on existing treatment experiments

(Marcela) #62

Hi Jon, I cannot access the file either.

(Marcela) #63

Hi team,
I think some core outcomes that can be used across the three diferent AIms/Objectives could be a starting point and then in each objective they can add more specific to the therapy/indication.
I drafted this:

Aim 1 Aim 2 Aim 3
Core Outcomes
Disease Severity
Hospitalization (Y/N)
All cause mortality
Discharge status
Mecanical Ventilation
Oxygen therapy
Acute respiratory distress sindrome
Septic/toxic shock
Escalation of IV antibiotics
Change in PaO2/FiO2 ratio
Cytokine release syndrome
Resource utilization
Hospitalization days/time
Time on ventilation
Time on oxygen therapy
Days in ICU

Some of those are interventions but also markers of adverse outcomes, so I left them in the same list.
@jon_duke @Vojtech_Huser @ZachMoldwin @szarfman @Daniel_Prieto, let me know if this would work and what other information should be included.
@jon_duke can this be converted to OMOP vocabulary?

Thank you!

(Shawn Dolley) #64

You guys are doing amazing things here. I am so proud of OHDSI. Keep up the great work! I’ll be on the phone tomorrow with head of Nigerian “FDA” (NAFDAC) and many people in the funder and LMIC communities can only understand what is happening in research at the macro levels… so many valuable use cases of what your data does and will show, only one of them is mine at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Keep up the excellent work, you are important!!!

(Vojtech Huser) #65

A very interesting trial at Columbia U, New York City, NY ((filed 3 days ago)

(Alan Goldhammer) #66

In my daily scan of preprints, I came across an observational study looking at BCG vaccination and whether it is protective. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.24.20042937v1 It’s a rough study and does not go down to the patient level that would be necessary to demonstrate that the vaccine does offer some value. You might want to put this into one of the search fields to see if anything more precise comes up.

(Christian Reich) #67

@agoldhammer: Will bring it in. Of course, this being Open Source, there is no organizational body that can do things outside whatever folks decide to do in the community. Can you help with people who could put such a study together?

(Alan Goldhammer) #68

I wish I could. My expertise is drug regulatory affairs and other than my early organization attachment with OMOP, this is not my area of expertise. I just posted the link as informational. The study at the link I provided is very crude and my thinking was OHDSI could see if the conclusion had any validity. This may be a better question when more epidemiological data comes in from countries that have BCG vaccination programs versus those such as the US that do not. For those interested the atlas of countries that do have BCG programs is here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3062527/

(Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH FACMI FAMIA) #69

I would also like to access the file to check the terminology used. I don’t know if folks saw the mappings available in CIEL (but you’d still have to walk to the OHDSI concept IDs. @Christian_Reich, Shouldn’t we also back populate the OHDSI codes into CIEL so that they are there too? https://openconceptlab.org/orgs/CIEL/collections/COVID-19-Starter-Set/concepts/

(Christian Reich) #70

CIEL would be good, provided there are data. Do you know if there are? I talking with Paul about OpenMRS data assets we should OMOP, so they can participate in research (public or commercial). Do you have insight?