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[OHDSI Covid19] Review on existing treatment experiments

(Patrick Ryan) #1

I’m opening up this thread to be a place for the ‘review on existing treatment experiments’ sub-team, led by @szarfman and @jon_duke , can have team discussions and share progress. Thanks for all your efforts!

I’ll also note this link, which provides a useful visual roadmap of some of the trials that’ll report out in the next month: https://www.biocentury.com/article/304658

[OHDSI COVID-19 response] Community Update 20 March 2020
[OHDSI COVID-19 response] Community Update 20 March 2020
(Neus Valveny) #2

Dear all, I add public AEMPS information from 3 Spanish trials that do not seem to appear yet in Clinicaltrials.gov

studies Spain.xls (82 KB)

(Daniel Prieto-Alhambra) #3

Thanks so much Neus!

(Hainiwen) #4

hello guys!
I’m sorting what’s on ChinaClinicalTrials out quickly as there are too many going on there. I’ll upload very soon.

(Daniel Prieto-Alhambra) #5

Thanks that will be most useful

(Hainiwen) #6

Hi all!
Here’s a rough sort-out of all registered covid-19 trials until today in China, registered on
CHINA-citric-UPLOAD.xlsx (99.7 KB)

So the first sheet is all trials going on, but I sorted it out by with TCM or not, so if it is a TCM or TCM in combination trial, I labeled as yes and then filter out. Then I roughly sort out by TITLES/NAMES OF THE TRIAL. If the trial name is specifying trial type then I put them on second sheet as priorities to look into;
If the trial isn’t specific trial type or is observation study or nothing with intervention, I put in the third sheet that I’ll re-evaluate later.

So to go on, would you guys also guide me what information of the trials shall we include in (end date/ trial type/ trial design/ no of pts)? Shall we sort out interventions first and followed with all ongoing trials? Or shall we include details of trial by trial??
Or shall we look into trials with results first?


Trial result of Lopinavir–Ritonavir

(Cynthia Sung) #7

After the H1N1 pandemic, a clinical trial protocol was developed to flexibly evaluate a range of different interventions to treat community acquired pneumonia and secure Regulatory and Ethics approval so it would be ready for another outbreak of community acquired pneumonia (CAP) It’s useful to see the clinical trial endpoints for this REMAP-CAP trial because the Study-a-Thon may want to use similar endpoints to evaluate drug effects from retrospective data. Some of the COVID-19 treatments will be investigated prospectively with this protocol.
REMAP CAP design and rationale.pdf (3.4 MB)

(Zachary Moldwin) #8

Hi everyone, I’m a pharmacy student at University of Illinois at Chicago who does research with HemOnc.org (currently partnering with OHDSI). Due to COVID-19, I would like to help where I can, e.g. literature reviews. I could also potentially help with analytical tasks (Python, SQL, some R). Please let me know where I can contribute. I also posted in the general forum since this is a new account. Thanks!

(Cynthia Sung) #9

Is there an on-line meet-up or instructions on how we coordinate this literature review?

(Jon Duke) #10

Thanks @ZachMoldwin @CSung @hainiwen @Daniel_Prieto @Neus_Valveny. @szarfman @msuchard and myself look forward to working with all of you.

A super initial google doc with just a few references is here, please edit or send suggestions for what other data we should cover.


(Jon Duke) #11

So sorry, the page is now unlocked! ;0

(Jon Duke) #12

Thank you so much for those have added to the document. If there are other elements that you feel we should include feel free to create new columns for those.

Also I realize that I incorrectly added a few papers that were not trials and would fall to the other lit review groups. I’ll clean those up.

In terms of time zones, where people are located so that we can find a good time to meet?

(Ana Szarfman) #13

In Washington DC

(Zachary Moldwin) #14

Central (Chicago). BTW, I wrote a quick-and-dirty script to scrape the data elements from clinicaltrials.gov into a spreadsheet, if anyone is interested. Python script is here.

(Hainiwen) #15

Beijing China, GMT+8

(Cynthia Sung) #16

Victoria, BC, Canada ; same as US PDT (GMT -7)

(Jon Duke) #17

Okay, we’ve got a 15 hour span there :slight_smile: @hainiwen how late can you grab a call? I’m thinking somewhere in the 10am ET range would be 7am Victoria time and 10pm Beijing.

Would that work?

(Ana Szarfman) #18

Will midnight work?

(Cynthia Sung) #19

Works for me in Victoria

(Cynthia Sung) #20

Midnight EDT also ok for me in Victoria