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Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI, pronounced “Odyssey”) is an international community of stakeholders committed to bringing out the value of health data through large-scale analytics. If you are a new member-- Welcome! Tell us a bit about yourself on the General forum and let us know how we can help. Learn more at www.ohdsi.org

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(Damien Caldy) #3

Hi all, I am Damien from DXC.Technology. Trying to learn the OHDSI tools. Loads of content here. Amazing community…looking forward to learning, creating and sharing with the community. Interested in OMOP but also FHIR and how the 2 CDMs compliment each other and bring value to patients.

(David) #4

Hello, I am a new member.

My name is Dave Sonnet and I have worked with data for about 20 years now.
I am very interested in the tools and the work you are doing.
Thanks for having me.

Dave Sonnet

(Gichuhi Haron) #5

Hi All,
I’m Gichuhi Haron, currently undertaking Masters of Health Informatics at Makerere University Uganda.
My interest is in the application of ICT in Low-resource settings to improve Healthcare, most especially Policy development and innovations to ease access, lower cost and ensure availability of the services.
Glad to be here.

(Shawn Dolley) #6

Gichuhi… nice to have you. I am working with Gates Foundation and would like to speak with you… can you email me at shawn@shawndolley dot com ?

Shawn Dolley


The Shawn Dolley Company LLC

Consultant to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Washington DC

(Gichuhi Haron) #7

Hi Shawn,
Hope you got my mail.


(Anusha Guntupalli) #8

Hello All , I am Anusha from Childrens Hospital Colorado . I have been working in Healthcare data for 6+ years donning various hats . My most recent role is that of Healthcare Data Scientist . I read about OHDSI in one of the coursera courses and then came here to learn more about how i can leverage OHDSI tools to build analytics solutions that improve patient outcomes . Specifically , i am interested in using predicting analytics techniques to improve clinical outcomes.Looking forward to learning and contributing to the community.

(Nicole Gerlanc) #9

Hi OHDSI Community!

I had my first OHDSI experience at the US Symposium this week and I’m very excited about the work you are doing and to be a part of the community. I got my start as a scientist in evolutionary ecology working with amphibians in ephemeral aquatic habitats. These days I am a data analyst for a new cohort study which will include EHR data from at least 9 sites. I am interested in learning more about the OMOP CDM for standardizing and working with our data and to eventually use OHDIS tools and best practices for developing our analyses.

(Thomas White, MD, MS, MA, CHIE) #10

Hello. Last week’s OHDSI symposium was a wonderful introduction to the community!

I work for a non-profit Health Plan in northern New York. We’d like to explore whether the OHDSI common data model and/or stack of analytic tools can meaningfully augment the analytic capabilities we’ve developed internally over the last several years. We are also interested in ways to speed the adoption (by clinicians and/or policy makers) of insights from real-world evidence.

As we start our OHDSI journey with a Proof of Concept, we would like to “quickly” assess:
(1) The level of effort to map our claims and clinical data to OMOP 5.3 - including the de-duplication needed when bridging claims and EHR data.
(2) The feasibility of using OHDSI in our environment. (e.g. architectural and security review of the OHDSIonAWS stack to address any potential issues).
(3) Assess the suitability of OHDSI for our common clinical questions - e.g. expressiveness, ease of use, and performance compared to our current internal approaches.
(4) Assess the suitability of OHDSI for our common Healthcare Economics-related questions
(5) A limited set of cross-validation and performance tests (e.g. comparing process and answers when using OHDSI stack vs. questions we’ve already answered using other methods).

I am also quite interested in Psychiatry-related analytics (and some enhanced modeling of psychiatric drug regimens), and am glad to see that a Psychiatry Working Group has been formed.

(Gregory Klebanov) #11

Hi Tom! Welcome to OHDSI and looking forward to having you as a part of our community! We can definitely share the joint knowledge and experience around the questions you listed above.

(W Gao) #12

Hi, my name is Wei Gao. I am a medically trained statistician and epidemiologist (Professor @KCL) working in palliative and end of life care area. I have also background in public health. I am particularly interested in using real-world data to improve care outcome. Look forward to learning from and networking with you here.


(Freija) #14

Hi all,

my name is Freija Descamps and I work for edenceHealth (EHDEN certified SME). My background is in experimental physics, but I have been involved in healthcare data analysis and modelling for the past 2-ish years. I am particularly interested in data quality tools/analysis and person-level predictions. I am excited to join the OHDSI community and am eager to contribute.

All the best,

(bonny p mcclain) #15

I have been enjoying discussions from Applying Big Data to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Oncology #NatlCancerForum and hearing about OHDSI from David Madigan.

I am a Tableau User Group Leader and Data Analytics Professional working to improve data literacy through education, Tableau skill integration, as well as R, Python, and Tableau Prep tools exploring large datasets and curating empathetic answers to larger questions…making a big world seem smaller.

(Graeme Hart) #16

Graeme Hart from Melbourne Australia.
Looking to use OHDSI tools for mapping numerous hospital datasets to our Clinical Research Data Warehouse

(Dat Nguyen) #17

I am Dat from Vietnam,
I don’t know where to start but know community from Coursera.
Wonder whether we have reproducible research here.
Please help from all of you.

(Filipa Duarte-Ramos) #18


I am Filipa, from Portugal.

I’ve attended the ISPE Webinar today.
I would be very pleased to have the chance to work with you on this challenging project.

Please find my short professional bio below:

Filipa Duarte-Ramos is an assistant professor at the Social Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal, since 2012, where she teaches since 2001.

She holds a PhD in Pharmacoepidemiology awarded by the University of Lisbon in 2012, a MSc in Epidemiology awarded by the Nova Medical School of Lisbon in 2002, and graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1994 by Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon.

Filipa’s research interests are related to the investigation of health determinants, in particular the study of the positive and negative outcomes from the use of medicines by the population. She is also interested in the study of drug utilization in special populations or conditions and health outcomes research.

Filipa currently serves as a member of the European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance at the European Medicines Agency (ENCePP – EMA) and was part of the Special Interest Group in Drug Safety in Pregnancy. She represents the Faculty of Pharmacy in the plenary meetings of the ENCePP since 2011.

Filipa currently serves as Epidemiology Expert of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

She is coordinator and researcher at OPSS (Health System Portuguese Observatory) and member of Epidemiology Research Unit (EPIUnit)*

  • Instituto de Saúde Pública (ISPUP)

(Dalia) #19

Hi everyone,

I am Dalia Dawoud, currently working as Scientific Adviser at NICE in the UK. My interest is in using RWE for comparative effectiveness research to inform cost effectiveness analysis. Looking forward to contributing.


(Rita Rb-Silva) #20

Hi everyone!
I’m Rita, a resident doctor of Clinical Hematology. I want to join the OHDSI Research Network and contribute for expanding health knowledge by creating RWE!
Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the OHDSI community :slight_smile:

(Alan Fisher) #21

Hi! I am new to the ODSHI forum. I work for Allscripts/Veradigm in the data governance group. My focus with ODSHI is to establish reference data for EHR patient, provider, treatments and maladies. We would like to apply these standards to improve that data that we provide, as well as determine the quality of data ingested into our environment. We have also looked at Metamorphosys and other data repositories.