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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Albanesere) #691

Hi! I’m Regina Albanese. I’m a statistic. I have expertise in educational assessment. I am a university professor in a medical course. I am studying R. I would love to learn from this community. I need to learn english!

(Sayaka Sekine) #692

I’m Sayaka Sekine. I am a medical doctor, a general physician in Japan.
I’d like to join your discussion about making database.
I have an own clinic in Japan. [https://www.sekinesayaka.com/]
And there, I serve my patients an alternative medicine.
For example, I gave them a vibrational medicine by using Bio-rezonance medicine made in Germany, nutrition therapy, vitamine C injection therapy, ozone therapy etc.
Alternative medicine is needed more precise evidences.
So, I’d like to do research about complementary alternative medicine.

And I am a CEO of Necco Ningen Corporation. [https://www.necco-ningen.com/]
Our team made application soft for self mental care method based on Flower essence from Dr.Edward Bach.
In the future, I’d like to research about effect of this application.

I’m looking forward to learn more and to make the new evidence about CAM.
Thank you.

(Praveen Lobo) #693

My name is Praveen Lobo I’m the VP of Products at Lumedx Corporation. I’m very interested in learning about the OHDSI network and the OMOP CDM. I’m particularly interested in how the OMOP CDM can be used in reducing manual data abstraction burden for hospitals that participate in national and statewide population registries.

More immediately I want to help a friend who is a Physician that wants find out if there is an increase in the incidence of Alcoholic hepatitis post COVID-19. Was looking to find out if such a question can be answered via the OHDSI network and how do I go about getting help on this.


(Jose Posada) #694

Hi @nuno.andre.da.silva,

You may want to reach @tduarte. She and her team did a tremendous work with data from Spain.

(Richard Frawley) #695

HI Brendan

Just wondering if you have done much work in translating Cerner to SNOMED/OMOP. I am heading up a AWS funded collaboration in Australia between UNSW, USYD and NSW Health for scaled clinical health data sharing.


+61 425 295 274

(Steve Halasz) #696

Hi Everyone,

I’m a programmer currently working on data projects with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. I’m interested in the potential to apply OHDSI tools to animal health data.

Steve Halasz

(Mac Edmondson) #697

Hi all,

I’m a PhD Candidate in Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania. My research primarily involves developing methods for generating RWE through privacy-preserving distributed analysis across institutions. I’m hoping to become more involved with OHDSI and am happy to help in any capacity. Hope to join a community call soon!

(Rachel Couban) #698

Hi everyone,
I’m a research coordinator at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I just took an online course on Health Informatics from Georgia Tech featuring a guest talk by John Duke who talked about OHDSI and it sounds really interesting. Looking to focus my studies in informatics.

(Daniel Smith) #699

Hi all,

I realize I’ve been posting and reading without introducing myself. My mistake! Usually my Forum posts and exploration is highly targeted based on ETL questions we have. Sorry I missed this!

I’m a Research informatics analyst at Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University in Atlanta, with a background in Clinical Neuropsychology, Clinical Research Coordination, and more recently as a Research Informatics Analyst. Much of my experience and interest has revolved around healthcare informatics as applied to neuropsychological phenomena. Through that journey, I became interested in oncology and have been working in Oncology settings for 10 years. At Emory, we’ve implemented OMOP v5, and are working toward cleaning our data and improving our ETL process in preparation for a transition into v5.3.1, and incorporation of the Oncology Module developed by the Oncology Working Group. As our investigators are interested in incorporating data from our EHR with other Clinical Trials source systems (e.g., OnCore CTMS), I’ve also been following progress in the Clinical Trials Working Group.

Many hands make light work, and I’m happy to be a part of the community and hope to contribute however I can.

(Ahmed ElSayed) #700

I am Ahmed ElSayed from Sudan. I am a cardiothoracic surgeon, a professor of surgery, the director of our university health research center and I have a degree in health informatics. I have been trying for a long time to make headway in using new technologies in the health setting in our limited resource environment and am just making some headway

(Gayane Margaryan) #701

My name is Gayane Margaryan.
I am a medical doctor and developer from Armenia, living in New York, last years trained as a Clinical Data Scientist. I have developed many websites including those with medical educational materials, multilingual glossaries, medical coding-billing tools, and other. I continue to explore new technologies.

(Sanjeeva Reddy Dodlapati) #702

Hi, thi is Sanjeeva Reddy. OMSCS student.

(Jon Duke) #703

@sdodlapa, for those that may not be familiar, I’m assuming you mean the Georgia Tech Online Master’s in Computer Science? :slight_smile:

(Sanjeeva Reddy Dodlapati) #704

Yes of course :upside_down_face:

(Sachi Shrestha) #705

I am Sachi Shrestha from Nepal. I am double majoring in Healthcare Administration and Computer Information System. I am exploring OHDSI and excited to learn and connect.

(Sam Habiel) #706

Hello everybody.

I am Sam Habiel from the DC area. I first heard about OHDSI from the work on the RxNorm International Edition, which was presented at the National Library of Medicine, where I met Anna and Christian (I believe; my memory is terrible). I have been a pharmacist in a previous life, but mostly do programming and implementation work in Electronic Medical Records today.

I have been very impressed by the vibrant open source community every time I attended the conference.

I have made some contributions to Synthea. You can thank me for getting accurate medication data from Synthea, as I reviewed every single RxNorm in all the models and made sure whenever possible that it is a drug that is on the market. I also wrote a small amount of code to do chronic medications in Synthea.

This brings me to my interest in this community, and what I want to do. I would like to help with the software and developer documentation (my super power) side, and refresh my statistical knowledge from my college days, which is all gone now alas.

I got my copy of the OHDSI book. I am working through the OHDSI book examples and tutorials, and am interesting in putting everything together on my computer by myself. I don’t really want to use AWS or Docker to “simplify” things, but I am certainly willing to install the docker stuff to see how things are put together.

This is my introduction; I will post my questions on a new thread.


(Adriana Camargo de Carvalho) #707

I am the research coordinator at the P5 Digital Medical Center Association (ACMP5), School of Medicine of the University of Minho (EM-UMinho). The main focus of ACMP5 is to contribute to the improvement of the health status of citizens through the use of digital technologies. My main goal is to measure the impact of the interventions on the effectiveness and the economic burden on the Portuguese health public system.
I really would like to know people, research, and initiatives about the HTA of digital technologies. I wish to learn as much as possible from this interaction.
Kind regards,

(Lauren M Heery) #708

Hello, I’m a fourth-year medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine currently doing a TL1 pre-doctoral fellowship to study the racial disparities and the impact of social determinants of health in COVID-19 outcomes. I’m currently learning R, and becoming acquainted with OMOP and OHDSI, beyond that I am most interested in helping with writing. I have also started attending CHARYBDIS meetings and contributing to the race differences/COVID paper. Excited to learn more about all of OHDSI’s work!

(Jair Villanueva) #709

Hello everyone,
My name is Jair Villanueva, I am a Colombian researchers specialized in respiratory diseases. I did my PhD at University of Barcelona (Spain). I heard about this through a collegue Jose Posada (@jdosada). Looking forward to collaborate and learn from this awesome community. I am excited to learn more about all of OHDSI.

(Jose Posada) #710

Welcome, @jair_villanueva!