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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Leon Wolber) #668

Dear all,

My name is Leon Wolber and I am a graduate student at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I am studying Business Intelligence & Smart Services.

Within the scope of my Master thesis I am working with electronic health records of heart failure patients. I am applying deep learning techniques to get new insights about the disease.

I am thrilled to become part of OHDSI, increase my knowledge and help out by contributing to the existing body of literature about heart failure.

Thank you,

(Giacomo) #669

Hi everyone!
I’m Giacomo. I’m a Data Engineer who is working on building an HL7 friendly Data Lake which aim to fill in an OHDSI database. It’s nice to work with healthcare data nowadays, it makes you feel very useful to the world.
I’m currently based in Bruxelles. If you wanted to have a brainstorming let me know!

(Dr Aboudourazak AMADOU) #670

Dr Aboudourazak AMADOU,
He is a Medical Doctor, MSL, Researcher, Health Insurance Consultant and Biostatistician.

CEO and Co-founder of EQUIMED GROUP S.A.R.L., Lomé, TOGO. Specialist Contributor at Sitetrail and Health Insurance Consultant at Gras SAVOYE Togo, he has worked in reputable clinics in Lomé and at Al Fikrah Management Consulting in UAE (Abu Dhabi).

Passionate and involved in epidemiological research he has participated in several studies and thesis at the University of Lomé. He is Author of the book “Social integration through education, school or family?”.

Recently Aboudourazak has started an ambitious project in the field of international business and cultural diversity for the empowerment of African young people through linking with their global counterparts.

ResearchGate Profile:

LinkedIn Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-aboudourazak-amadou-420101161

(Miguel) #671


My name is Miguel, I am a PhD in applied mathematics and founder of MEDINREAL a startup developing AI solutions in healthcare. We collaborate with other institutions on the study of COVID19. I look forward to have more collaboration on different projects. I focus on interdisciplinary research, software development and research. It is a pleasure to be part of the community.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/hisojomiguel/


Hello OHDSI Community,

I am an epidemiologist (PhD) with research focus in healthcare-associated infections. My expertise is in conducting observational studies to identify best treatment and prevention practices for bacterial infections. I am an Associate at the University of Iowa College of Medicine.

Look forward to learning and working with my fellow researchers in the awesome OHDSI community! Stay safe!


(Alejandro Cajigal) #673


I am manager of the RWE Data & Analytics team in the RWE Center of Excellence at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston.


I look forward to future collaborations and joining the OHDSI community!


(Rita Rb-Silva) #674

Hi everyone!

I’m a resident doctor of Clinical Hematology working at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto (Porto, Portugal). I am also a researcher at the Population Health Research Domain (PopHealth) of the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS, Braga, Portugal).

I want to join the OHDSI Research Network and contribute for expanding health knowledge by creating RWE!

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the OHDSI community :slight_smile:

(Alexander Skates) #675

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Skates, and I am a data scientist at Roche, based across London and Basel. I am currently trying to use RWD (including but not limited to observational heath dbs) to benchmark the safety of a number of drugs, as well as build models of personalised risk of adverse events.

I am rather new to the field of epidemiology, and as such am hoping to learn as much as I can from what already seems like a rather knowledgeable and friendly group of people. I stumbled across OHDSI rather unexpectedly, and I’d like to get involved with the PLP working group and contribute where I can. I have substantial python experience, somewhat less R experience, and also a fair bit of SQL knowledge.

Outside of work, I rather enjoy rock climbing

(Alexandre Malouvier) #676


My name is a Alexandre Malouvier and I am a Director of Global Strategy, Digital Health at PRA Health Sciences. PRA is a contract reserach organization that heavily invested in real-world data. We own for example that health data of more than 290 M Americans.

I have been in the industry for more that 20 years, speacilizing early on in late-phase research and then real-world studies. I help our decentralized studies to gather real-world data from our patients.

(Acoltri) #677

Hello, I am Alan Coltri. I spent many years at Johns Hopkins doing integration work for the EHR and ancillary applications. We started out with entirely home grown systems in the 1990’s and have gradually migrated to commercial vendors. Epic, Soft etc.

Recently we have been working to capture and integrate the colossal level of detail being collected by modern systems, and to do so using standard coding systems so that the data becomes shareable - hence OHDSI.

I have been reading about OHDSI and its CDM, Vocabulary, and Tools for about a month and am impressed by its scope. My current challenge is mapping our internal system codes to concepts. Not - too bad, because most of our systems already have relationships to standard code systems, even if they use internal codes within their own databases.

I hope to learn from you all, and am excited about the prospect.

(George Hripcsak) #678

Welcome, @acoltri!

(Noah Engel) #679

Hello everyone,

My name is Noah Engel and I work as a Data Analyst at Columbia University Medical Center.

I started working with the OMOP CDM in January 2019 at Vanderbilt University, where I served as a Data Scientist for the All of Us Research Project. In July 2019, I transitioned to my current DA role at CUMC where I develop tools to assess data quality for the All of Us Research Program and work with our data partners to improve EHR submissions.

I will be leaving my role at CUMC shortly to pursue medical education (MD) at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine but I wanted to leave this comment in case anyone wanted further context on my profile down the line. I also hope to remain engaged with the OHDSI community in some capacity as I navigate my medical education.


(Nuno André Da Silva) #680

Hi All,

my name is Nuno da Silva and I am working in a Portuguese Hospital. By training I am a biomedical engineer and have developed research in medical imaging and health data.

We currently evaluating the possibility of implementing OMOP CDM in my institution to boost research and collaborative work!

I am looking for some help to estimate the effort of implementing the OMOP CDM from the Hospital point of view. We have already a business intelligence team in our IT department.

In case someone would be available for a discussion, my email is nuno.asilva@hospitaldaluz.pt or nuno.andre.da.silva@gmail.com

Thank you

(Emanuel Villa) #681

Hello community,

This is Emanuel Villa, I am not really a “newcomer” to the community, more of like a prodigal son that returns, hehe…

I had the great opportunity and pleasure to implement the OHDSI data model at my previous work more than 3 years ago, I changed jobs and city, and left that a side. However… I have just accepted another job, starting August, in which I will have the, again great opportunity, to work with the OHDSI data model, can’t express how excited I am about this.

So just want to drop my name out there as a come back, hope I can join the next community call, I miss the one yesterday due to previous commitment, but plan to join regularly again.

Best regards.

(Qitong Hu) #682

Hi all,
This is Qitong, I’m a newcomer here.
I graduated from Johns Hopkins Computer Science and major in AI/NLP.
Currently serve as CTO in Beijing Longleding Medical Tech. llc. in China, we are focus on RWS/PMS. Looking forward to making contribution to this community.

(Dr. Osama AbouElkhir) #683

Hello everyone,

this is Osama, a medical doctor, management consultant (x EY and IQVIA) and currently the CEO of TachyHealth, a leading healthcare AI startup in Dubai.

We’re working at the intersection between insurance and providers across the RCM, medical claims, medical coding, and clinical support system.

Here to understand more about OMOP and OHDSI and collaborate with the great community on mutual opportunities.

Please connect on osama@tachyhealth.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/drosama/


(Dr. Osama AbouElkhir) #684

This is very interesting question, actually.

Do anyone of the community has some sort of case study / implementation guide?

(Christian Reich) #685

Friends: That’s what we have the Book of OHDSI for.

(Dr. Osama AbouElkhir) #686

Hello Brandon,

It is a bit old topic, not sure if you are still active here. But I’ve seen some of snow owl stuff and I think it would help on a project we are working on (cross walking / conversion between ICD10-CM and ICD10-AM)

Are you available for a quick chat?

(Dr. Osama AbouElkhir) #687

Keen to connect together to explore research and project collaboration.