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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(jonstrong) #567

Hi Maura et al -

I’m Jonathan (“Jon”) Strong. I’ve got more decades of experience than I usually care to admit in IT in all roles from architect through CIO / CTO, and have split my career about 50/50 between consulting and corporate roles. I’ve worked in many industries, leveraging experience in healthcare IT in DNA testing over the past couple of years, focused now on Adverse Events, case reporting, analytics and the like in my role as CIO for Veracuity LLC.

I’ve been reading / absorbing literature and studies (as I find them) on OHDSI and the CDM, specifically as it applies to Adverse Events recording, classification, querying and analytics. I’m weighing the cost/benefit of adopting some or all of the CDM, using it as a core data model vs being an adjunct model for import and export, etc.

I’m happy to compare notes and potentially help out if there are topics that might be in my wheelhouse - please reach out and let me know if there’s an area I might help in. You can get a sense of my experience from my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonstrong/ . I’ll also be on the lookout for areas I might help in as I get up to speed on the community and learn more about OHDSI. I’m based in the Princeton, NJ area - also equidistant (roughly) to NYC and Philly – happy to meet up as well. Looking forward to learning more (and hopefully making a useful contribution!).

  • Jon

(Michael Shamberger) #568


My name is Michael Shamberger and have working with OMOP format on and off for about 4 years. I have a masters degree in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech. I am interested in omop and Big Data Healthcare analytics. I have expertise in using OMOP with spark clusters. I recently contributed a module to synthea-international for the country of Finland and am planning now to do it for the entire Europe. My latest interest is seeing how massive open datasets can be used with healthcare in OMOP format to improve patient outcomes.


(Kazuhiko Kido) #570

Hello the OHDSI community,

My name is Kazuhiko Kido. I am currently a clinical assistant professor of clinical pharmacy at West Virginia University School of Pharmacy. I am a cardiology clinical pharmacy specialist in the WVU outpatient heart failure clinic and on the WVU inpatient heart failure service. My practice and research interests are diuretic therapy optimization for heart failure patients, anticoagulation therapy, and pulmonary arterial hypertension therapy management.

I would like to collaborate with others in the community for running observational studies with databases. Especially, we are looking for some colleagues who have access to the database for heart failure.

I look forward to working with all of you in the community and hearing from you all!


(Ramez Al Sayeh) #571

welcome Kazu.

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #572

Hello all,

My name is Javier Gracia-Tabuenca. I’m from Spain but have lived now in Tampere (Finland) for 6 years. I finished my PhD in biomedical engineering and stater to work for the FinnGen project.

The FinnGen project aims at collecting the DNA sample of 500.000 (224.580 so far) Fins and enrich them with the info from electronic medical records and drug purchases. https://www.finngen.fi/en

My job is to aid medical doctors to conduct observational studies on this data. I discovered Atlas and the OHDSI community and believe that fits perfectly our needs. So now I’m convincing my organisation to convert the data to the CDM.

If I succeed, I believe that we can take advantage of the many state-oft-the-art analysis tools that OHDISI provides and we can provide to the community the chance to run studies on a data set connected to genetic information, as well as imporve the tools and vocabularies on that area.

Wish me luck !

(Rosa Bianca Gallo) #573

Good luck! And welcome aboard!
Rosa Bianca Gallo
The Hyve

(Christian Reich) #574


What do you do with the samples? Sequence them?

(Mateus de Lima Freitas) #575

Hi Daniel @limadm !
Are you still working at InCor supporting CDM adoption?

Thank you!

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #576

Hey Chistian, Yes:

"The samples are processed using a custom geno-typing array that in addition to normal GWAS markers combines Finnish enriched markers,markers specific to the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) region, pharmacogenomic markersand markers from the industrial partners. In total, the array contains 736,145 probes thatcan genotype 655,973 markers. "


(Christian Reich) #577

Oh. That’s a lot of markers. You want to bring them all into the OMOP CDM? On average, a patient in our databases have one thousand records or two. Now you’d create a few patients (how many, actually?) with 700k records. You’d turn a tall database into a wide one. The methods may not work, either because of performance or because of statistics failing.


(Robert Yerex) #578

This is Robert Yerex in Eden Prairie, MN. I am a Senior Data Scientist and Principal Engineer at Optum, part of United Health Group (UHG). I work in R&D and am currently on a project involving using graph DBs to organize and access patient data.

(Gregory Klebanov) #579

Robert - welcome to OHDSI!

Graph DB sounds very interesting! Would be interested in learning more about your approach.

(Robert Yerex) #580

I am looking into how to apply the CDM to a graph model so that I can make use of the analysis tools. I’ll try to keep updating my progress. :smiley:

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #581

Hey Chistian,

At the moment I have only converted the phenotype data to the CDM (224.580 patients so far, aim is 500.000, 10% of the Finland population). We haven’t yet plan how to include the gennetic information into the CDM. I saw some conversations but there is not yet an standarised way to do this [Genomic Data in the CDM].
Is this the case, or have I missed the CDM’s standars for gennetic data??


(Diana) #582

Hello everyone! My name is Diana! I recently joined the OHDSI community and had attended several OHDSI collaborative meetings. I am excited to hear all the cool projects being studied in the OHDSI. I currently work for Dr. Lisa Schilling at the University of Colorado, also working on many cool projects. I have a Masters of Public Health degree concentrating on Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics. I can use R/R studio, python, SAS, and SQL in SAS. I have some knowledge in project managing! Overall, I am happy to be a part of OHDSI and am excited to be learning so much here. I hope to learn more from everyone!! On my leisure time, I like to run and participate in races, rock climb, martial arts, read/write, and learn new languages. I am also a certified tutor and am part of a language exchange program. I help many students domestically/locally and from many different countries with test prep, science or mathematics, and English, while also learning something from them!

(Melanie Philofsky) #583

Welcome to OHDSI, Diana!

I consult with Health Data Compass at the University of Colorado. And I also support Lisa Schilling and the FDA BEST project there. I look forward to partnering with you on the BEST project. Please feel free to reach out with any OHDSI, EHR or UCD questions :slight_smile:

(Spyros Kolovos) #584

Hi all, my name is Spyros Kolovos, I work as a health economist at the University of Oxford. Currently, my focus is on musculoskeletal diseases, including rare diseases such as multiple myeloma. I have previously worked on depression and internet-based psychological treatments. The past two years I have been using R to analyse routinely-collected data from UK. I am originally form Greece, but I have been living abroad for the past 10 years.

(David A Stumpf, MD, PhD) #585

Thank you for the welcome! David Stumpf here … I’m a Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (NUFSM; Chicago, IL, USA). Resume is at http://woodstockhit.com/stumpf_resume.html. I’m a physician retired from practice but active in mentoring early stage companies as an innovation broker. I’m board certified in neurology, pediatrics and clinical informatics. My interest in OHDSI evolves from a Parkinson Disease project under development at NUFSM which will involve EU and US collaborators. My personal interests concern native graph databases (e.g., Neo4j), network analytics (provider social networks, co-morbidities, etc.) and workflows (event detection, task creation, accountabilities and outcomes, etc.). On the side, I’m a genetic genealogist who works with graph methods to connect genetic family trees to those created from historical data.

I look forward to learning from and conributing to OHDSI!

(Zachary Moldwin) #586

Hi everyone, I’m a pharmacy student at University of Illinois at Chicago who does research with HemOnc.org (currently partnering with OHDSI). Due to COVID-19, I would like to help where I can, e.g. literature reviews. I could also potentially help with analytical tasks (Python, SQL, some R). Please let me know where I can contribute. Thanks!

(Anthony Dubois) #587

Hello OHDSI community!

My name is Anthony. I have been working with OMOP CDM and FHIR resources for about three years (in the US and in France) but never took the time to introduce myself. The current situation made me think it might be a good idea to do so!

As I am more a Python guy, I have been working on a little package (far from being perfect): https://github.com/synaps-tech/rwd_analytics. It needs a bit of documentation though!

Previously, I have also been working on a package to transform MarketScan, Flatiron, IQVIA data using only Python and Dask.

I hope I can support the amazing work you guys are doing with OHDSI!