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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself


Hello everyone, I am Conor Zhang, a thoracic surgeon at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China. I’m interested in survival after surgical resection in patients with lung cancer. I am new in the observational data research. It is my honor to be a member of OHDSI community.

(Ufuoma "Ufi" Olakpe) #548

Hello Everyone, My name is Ufuoma Olakpe but feel free to call me Ufi. I am a Project Manager/Business Analyst with Health Data Compass at the University of Colorado, Denver.
I am fairly new to the world of CDM and OMOP but have experience as a Business Intelligence developer building reports out of EPICs Caboodle Datawarehouse. I am very interested in Terminology mapping and Data Quality Maintenance in OMOP and I want to connect with any other people who have CDMd their EPIC Caboodle data! Please give me a shout out so we can connect! I appreciate any knowledge that I can get from the community and I am very happy to join such a fun community doing all this cool stuff!

(Roy Mathew) #549

HI all:
My name is Roy Mathew and I am nephrologist and researcher at the Columbia Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Columbia SC. I am very new to the OHDSI community as I was recently introduced by a colleague. We have just started to utilized VA Data that has been translated to OMOP format. I am very excited at the possibilities that this will bring in conducting observational research in the VA data. My immediate research interest revolves around cardiovascular health of patients with chronic kidney disease. I have previously utilized VA Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) data for observational research.

I am very excited about the broader applicability of the CDM in terms of health care data portability and ultimately better transactional feedback for providers. I look forward to learning from the community and hopefully one day contribute in some meaningful manner.

In terms of myself - I am originally from NY and still consider NY my home. I am just buried in sports with my son when I am not at work (but I am also a bit of a junky as well - I love watching almost any sport - except for golf and baseball - too slow for my taste).

Looking forward to this. Great to e-meet so many talented individuals.


(ruth etzioni) #550

Hi Roy and welcome! Wondering if you or any of your colleagues might have interest in looking at cardiovascular health of patients with prostate cancer. Hormonal blockade treatments applied broadly among older men and men with metastatic disease, have been implicated in cardiovascular decline, and newer stronger hormonal treatments may be even more problematic. I am thinking that a lot of what you are doing might be ported to this application.

(Roy Mathew) #551

HI Ruth:
Thanks for the response. That would be a very interesting question - there has been some concern about testosterone replacement and CVD, but i have not heard about CV risk from androgen deprivation therapy. That would be an interesting question to ask and actually one that would be very easy to ask in a CDM.

The VA obviously would have a robust dataset for this as it is primarily older males and prostate cancer is a big issue. Androgen deprivation, in addition, is commonly used.

(Manuel Salinas) #552

Hi everyone, I’m Manuel Salinas from Colombia, actually i’m working in health economics, actuary in health and Data Science, i want explore more tools and research approaches for bring more solutions in health.


(Seng Chan You) #553

Hello, @mansalo92 OHDSI needs more experts on health economics. Thank you for joining.

We’ve been working on the package which can calculate DALY based on CDM data, of which name is Argos If you’re interested in this, please let me know :slight_smile:


(Mark Wlodarski) #554

Hello, I just joined the OHDSI forums. My name is Mark and I will be working on a medical data project with Northwestern University. We are looking into using the OMOP data model in this so I look forward to collaborating and learning about the model and OHDSI. Nice to meet you all!

(Nicole Washington) #555


I’m Nicole Washington, Director of Research at Helix (https://helix.com). I’ve been lurking on the OHDSI community calls for a couple months and intend to become more involved this year, as we grow our Population Health Genomics initiatives. I’m very interested in what I can bring to the Vocabulary working group, as I have >10 years experience developing and analyzing data annotated with ontologies. In addition, I have a strong interest in properly integrating and analyzing genomic data in the CDM.

I’ve previously worked with other large consortia and community-based efforts to design and implement standards to bring together genomics and health on a variety of axes (GA4GH, ENCODE, NCBO, OBO Foundry, UDN, Monarch). I look forward to working with the OHDSI community to facilitate the integration of seemingly messy healthcare data across health systems and domains with the lofty goal to improve healthcare for the masses.



Hello! My name is Luke and I am a Data Analyst at Regenstrief Institute (https://regenstrief.org) in Indianapolis, IN. I am gearing up for a project that involves querying our current OMOP CDM database and reporting results to a client. I’m interested in improving our CDM implementation and ETL, as well as learning more about OHDSI as a whole. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more from the community. Nice to meet everyone!

(Wendy Wong) #557


I’m Wendy Wong (https://wendywong.io/). I have been working with next-generation sequencing data for 10 years and have been involved in a few large cohort population genomics studies. I am interested in finding out more about OHDSI and see how I can contribute to developing models to integrate population genomics data in the CDM.


(Maura Beaton) #558

So many newcomers joining us in 2020! Welcome @wendy_wong, @lgolicho, @nlw, @wlodarmt

A great way to get started in the community is by joining in on our weekly community calls which take place every Tuesday from 12-1pm ET. Our next call will be on January 28th and will cover how to conduct a network research study. It’ll be a great presentation, given by @krfeeney, who will give an overview of how we collaboratively conduct research.

Details to join are available here: https://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:ohdsi_community

(Michael Larionov) #559

Hello, I’m a data scientist working for a company called Spok. I’m excited about the opportunity to participate in this community.


My name is Tae Sun Park from South Korea.
I am an endocrinologist and physician at my university hospital.
I have interested in diabetes mellitus mangement characteristics and economic efficacy.
I perform research project above mentioned topic using CDM.

(Dat Nguyen) #561

I am Dat from Vietnam,
I don’t know where to start but know community from Coursera.
Wonder whether we have reproducible research here.
Please help from all of you.

(Munseob Lee) #562

I’m Munseob Lee from South Korea
I’m AI researcher at ETRI
I have interested in skin diagnosis by using optical device and AI…


(Chiara Attanasio) #563

Hi all! I am an Italian clinical data scientist at IKNL (Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland). This is the Dutch organisation that manages the Dutch National Cancer registry. At IKNL we are in the process of making our data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). To address the interoperability part we want to ETL (part of) our cancer registry data to the OMOP-CDM (Oncology extension). Hope to meet many of you at the OHDSI European Symposium in March! Cheers, Chiara

(Rosa Bianca Gallo) #564

Ciao Chiara, benvenuta!

(Bryan McConomy) #565

Hello, my name is Bryan and I am an Internal Medicine doctor and clinical informatics fellow. I am interested in infusing evidenced-based medicine into the EHR via informatics, and trying to learn more data science everyday.

I am currently looking to use the OMOP CDM to create a wound care registry. Has anyone done work on a CDM for wound care? I have searched around, but have not found what I am looking for.

(Shane O'Connor) #566

Hi everyone!

I am a maters student undertaking an internship with COMPASS pathways, a mental health company located in London. At COMPASS, we are preparing to initiate Phase III clinical trials for psilocybin therapy embedded in psychological support as a potential treatment for Treatment-Resistant Depression. To guide these trials, we are keen to utilize the OHDSI platform to characterize the TRD patient population better.

Honestly, I’m pretty naive to this field of study (large scale data analytics) and would appreciate any input from the community to help get my project off the ground.

I’ll be attending the European symposium in March so I’m looking forward to meeting some of you then!