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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Melissa Beauchemin) #527

Hello all! I am a postdoc research fellow in the Dept of Epi at Columbia University, and my clinical background is as a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner (still practicing). I am very interested in data quality and standardization for oncology-specific concepts/terms, and my dissertation partially focused on the challenges in data quality around cancer-related symptoms for children, adolescents and young adults receiving cancer treatment (am working on publishing the manuscript). My current research is focusing on opioid prescribing for post-operative pain in children/AYA with cancer.

I’m interested in getting more involved in EHR abstraction, specifically within the oncology working group @rimma @shilparatwani @Andrew @Michael and specifically around pediatric/AYA cancers. I look forward to hearing more, and was really excited to hear yesterday’s presentation and future directions!

(Matt Spotnitz) #528

Hi Melissa,

I am a postdoctoral scientist in biomedical informatics at Columbia University and would be happy to help you anytime!


(Melissa Beauchemin) #529

Thanks Matt–that would be great! I am meeting with Ray next week, and perhaps we can set up a time to talk after that? Looking forward to meeting/working with you!

(Kavee Limbutara) #530

Hello everyone,

My name is Kavee. I’m a nephrologist from Thailand (with interest in data analysis). I’ve just read the LEGEND-HTN study (Lancet 2019) and found it very interesting, so I follow the link to here.

(Yoshihiro Aoyagi) #531

HI, My name is Yoshihiro. I am a health care information technologist in Japan hospital. I also perform as pharmacist. I am happy for joining this group.

(Hayim Lusthaus) #532

Hi everyone ! my name his Hayim I am a developer in a healthcare startup that build a platform to manage patient engagement activities (with the help of healthcare billing records among other things), I’ll try my best to contribute to the software issues (especially the R related stuff).


(Catalina Martinez Costa) #533

Thanks for the reply Christian!
We will start by mapping our datasets to OMOP CDM and will ask to the CDM Builder Forum when needed.
In the future we might meet at an OHDSI Symposia.


(Nadirah) #534

Hi everyone! I am Nadirah a UX designer from healthcare company data4life. Our team is exploring OMOP CDM and we are interested to know the community and learn more on the usage of Atlas tool and users. I am also looking to contribute and improve the user experience. :wave:



I am Karthik. I am an interventional cardiologist and researcher at Yale. OHDSI seems like a phenomenal platform to generate great insights. Kudos to everyone involved.


(Karla Tauil) #536

Hi everyone!

My name is Karla and I work at the Department of Science and Technology of the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the Clinical Research field. I’m very interested in how to collect and organize data to improve public health in my country. I’m also interested in learning about real-world data and real-world evidence.

(Feyi110690?) #537

Hi, My name is Kafi. I am a recent graduate of Health Economics Outcomes Research. Prior to going back to school. I worked as a pharmacist managing an independent pharmacy which was sold last year. I came across OHDSI from a HEOR meetup. I am looking to work In health care quality and also contribute in a meaningful way to this forum.
I like to read and watch movies in my free time.

(Feyi110690?) #538

Hi, I am transitioning into HEOR and looking for hands-on/ field/learning opportunities for graduate students in HEOR.
Thank you

(Theresa Burkard) #539

Hi everyone,
my name is Theresa Burkard, I am a PostDoc in observational research (my main research areas are metabolic and musculoskeletal disease). I am currently based in Zurich, Switzerland (ETH Zurich). I participated in the legendary Oxford OHDSI studyathon 2018 which lead to two papers (one accepted, one under review) and attended the OHDSI European Symposium in Rotterdam this year. So looking forward to more of that :slight_smile:
For the moment, I would like to participate in OHDSI projects to later on lead a project within the OHDSI community myself :slight_smile:
See you soon!
Best wishes,

(Gerardo Machnicki) #540

Hi OHDSI Community,
I am Gerardo Machnicki, working as Director, Real World Evidence, Janssen Latin America. I have nineteen years experience in the pharmaceutical industry in roles involving health economics, outcomes research and analytics and my background is in health economics and epidemiology/public health.
I have been a supporter of OHDSI approach and tools since learning about it in 2015, and being fortunate to work with some leaders in this community, both at Janssen and outside it. I am happy to join the forums.
My general interests are about the analytic and patient level prediction tools provided by OHDSI and how these keep growing to implement better methods for observational research in epidemiology and health economics.
My other interest is about OHDSI growth in Latin America.
Among my OHDSI related activities: participanted in the 2018 Oxford RWE Summer School, facilitated the introduction of OHDSI concepts as a lead instructor in the first RWE short course at the ISPOR Latin American 2019 meeting, maintained several explorations and trainings with potential OHDSI participants in Latin America, engaging leaders such as @Patrick_Ryan, @krfeeney , @Daniel_Prieto and @jposada.
I look forward to more fruitful interactions involving the OHDSI community!

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #541

@Tereza_Abrahao @gabrielbvieira @ktauil @gmachnic - welcome friends!! We are delighted to have more collaborators from Latin America. There is a spot on the forum where we are trying to coordinate regional efforts. Make sure to fill out this Doodle poll: Nuevo grupo de trabajo: Latino OHDSI

It says Espanol… but really it’s intended to be a community spot for people doing conversions / OHDSI outreach in Latin America as well OR your mother tongue is Spanish or Portuguese (and you want to talk to people about OHDSI in your mother tongue :-D). So if you are “en portugues”… you are welcome too! @gmachnic and @jposada are kindly helping pull together the whole region so there could be local activities in 2020. :smile:

(Gerardo Machnicki) #542

applies to you as well, thank you @krfeeney!!

(Jenny Lane) #543

Hi everyone- I’m Jenny Lane, a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon taking time out of training to do a PhD in Biomedical Data Science at the University of Oxford. I’m really excited about the disruptive and dynamic principles of the OHDSI community and would love to work within it. My main interest is in surgery and musculoskeletal conditions, and would also love to be part of the women in OHDSI group.

I’m very interested in investigating the association between aromatase inhibitor use for breast cancer with musculoskeletal conditions, and am currently working up a proposal to present to you. But first, I’ve been watching the forum and am aiming to join the conference calls today!

(Esteban Londono) #544

Hi everyone- I´m Esteban, a Colombian Data scientist, i’m new in the health industry but always i have felt curiosity about it . I just start a big project relate with health data for now our first obstacle is stucturraion of data for them

(Jim Frankfort) #545

Greetings all, my name is Jim Frankfort. I trained and practiced as a physician for years but transitioned into informatics full time > 10 years ago. I’ve worked in the industry on creating platforms to measure quality and cost of healthcare. Recently I’ve been working on a FDA project containing a distributed surveillance network where my focus is on measuring and reporting data quality of the individual data partners and aggregate network as well. Looking forward to collaborating on data quality!

(Edwin Duque) #546

Hi My name is Edwin Duque from Medellín, Colombia. I am system engineering and a master of science in engineering (Human computer interaction). I am also a PhD Student working in objective assessment of the motor upper limb for spinal cord injury patients through analyzing position and rotation data.

Recently, I received a training in data science by CorrelationOne company and participate in a local competition creating an app that takes a medical image to see if it automatically detect bulge, protrusion or herniation in the lumbar spinal cord assigning priority to those patients that are more likely to have a stenosis.

I love to create things and help others, so I am determined to think, design and build innovative tech solutions that solve toughest problems in healthcare as well as to influence others to do the same. I would like to help creating tools but also writing papers.