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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Asiyah Lin) #485

Hi Everyone,
I don’t feel comfortable to hijack the topic of “please introduce yourself” here. If you are interested in a Medical Device Working Group, I will open another thread in General. Please follow-up there. Or you could send me a message, I will reply.


(Santosh Shevade) #486

Hello, I am Santosh Shevade, a start-up co-founder from Hyderabad, India. I have experience in pharmaceutical R&D for about 15 years and for last 1.5 years, I have been working on broader healthcare projects, many of them at the intersection of tech and medicine. I heard about OHDSI in a recent FDA seminar and hence was able to join the forum. For now, I want to see what’s happening in the community and then hope to start contributing.
Will love to connect with you over LinkedIn-https://www.linkedin.com/in/santosh-shevade/

(Jordi Gago) #487

Hello, i am new in the community, hopefully i can get wider insights about how it works. Thanks!

(Maura Beaton) #488

Welcome @breck @Santosh_Shevade & @jgag2824!

We’re excited to have you all here! I hope you can join us for our next OHDSI community call on Tuesday, October 22nd from 12-1pm ET!

Details to join are here: https://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:ohdsi_community

(Aakash Desai) #489

Hello All, I am a physician with a background in public health. I am very impressed by the work of the OHDSI community on the LEGEND trial. This largely prompted my interest in learning more about OHDSI and hopefully collaborate on projects in the field of Hematology Oncology, my primary area of interest.

(Andrew Williams) #490

Welcome Dr Desai.
Your timing is for joining the OHDSI community is excellent. There is an oncology work group finishing up n extension to the CDM to accommodate tumor registry data, oncology treatment episodes, and accurately represent the components of treatment regimens.

We are just being the process of b collecting important use cases h that will leverage these new features. Please join us and contribute your ideas. This is where we are collecting research study ideas. None have yet proposed that are on the scale of the amazing LEGEND studies. But that’s a has you might help to fill. Here is a link to the meeting information for the oncology research work group. I look forward to seeing you there.

(Aakash Desai) #491

Thank you for the message. I look forward to collaborations. I want to get a basic understanding of how things work with OHDSI. I understand there are many modules for beginners. Anything in particular that you recommend for sort of a crash course on it?

(Andrew Williams) #492

The Book of OHDSI is an excellent place to begin. You won’t need to master all of it to participate effectively and get value out of participation. The first three background chapters will orient you. Depending on the role that interests you, you can dive into chapters and other material relevant to that role.

You’ll generally get fast, thoughtful, and helpful responses to questions and ideas on these forums.

There are good videos of tutorials and presentations here and here and elsewhere on the main OHDSI website that make it easy to get up to speed on topics that interest you.

Finally, the weekly collaborator community calls on Tuesdays (at noon Eastern US time) are good way to stay in touch with developments and get a flavor of the style of collaboration.

(Ayan Patel) #493

Hello! I’m Ayan Patel, Lead Data Scientist for the UC (University of California) Health Data Warehouse. I’ve been an avid OMOPer for years, and have lead the development of OMOP for the five UC medical campuses (UCSF, UCLA, UCI, UCD, UCSD) for clinical operations. It is also used for research, but our primary mission is to support operations. We have individual instances at each site, and a central OMOP with data from all 5 UCs. I’d love to work with the community to advance the CDM to include some of the data elements that we’ve had to extend the model for our purposes.

(Andrew Williams) #494

Hi Ayan,
We spoke a bit about data quality work a few months ago. Great to see you posting here. Welcome. What data elements required you to extend the data model?

(QiHe) #495

Hello, I am a new member.

My name is QiHe and I have worked with data for about 3 years now in Taikang.
I have already studied SNOMED CT in 2018.
I am very interested in the tools.

(haocheng ma) #496

Hi all,
I’m Haocheng Ma,an engineer of Data analysis. I work for an insurance company, Taikang Insurance Group Co.,Ltd, based in Beijing, China. I devote myslef into exploring the value of medical data. I have studied a lot of subjects , such as Machine learning, Statistics, Medical Terminology, Kownledge Graph, Python、R、SQL Progarmming. I hope to join in the community and cooperate with you!

(Ally Hume) #497


My name is Ally Hume and I’m new to the OHDSI community so let me introduce myself.

I work at the University of Edinbugh in Scotland and am working with NHS Lothian to bring health and social care data together for observational research and possibly other purposes. We are very likely to use OMOP CDM as part of this. Initailly we will be working to map primary care data from Vision 360 and secondary care data from TRAK into the CDM.

I would love to talk to people with any experience of mapping data from these sources. We would be interested in being part of a UK charter if other groups are interested in such work.

I’ve not yet got fully into the details but am struggling a bit with the Visit domain for which I can find no documentation (just an empty wiki page). I saw somewhere that there are 123 concepts in that domain and I’ve seen a list of the 12 top level ones. I have downloaded the sample dataset but only see about 5 items in the Visit domain in the concept table. Maybe I’m missing something so if I am it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.



Ally Hume
Software and Data Architect
EPCC, University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian

(Roger Carlson) #498

Have you seen The Book of OHDSI?

Also Athena is a useful tool. Here I’ve pre-searced for the Visit Domain


(Evan Phelps) #499

Hi OHDSI collaborators,

First, I want to compliment this “Join the Journey” flow! It’s easy to find and follow and truly conveys a welcoming atmosphere. I hope that I can learn from and contribute to the OHDSI community and to the march toward open science data democratization. Thank you @Christian_Reich, @krfeeney, and the IQVIA OMOP team for urging us to join the forum during your impressive presentation for HSSC and MUSC in Charleston last month.

Next, I’ll briefly try to give you an idea of what I do and where I’m coming from. My background is in software engineering and experimental physics, but I’ve worked as a software engineer, data scientist, and honest broker in research informatics and translational research space since 2014. In that time, my activities have covered a broad range – analysis, semantic harmonization, non-clinical data enrichment, ETL development, data quality, analytics, statistical/data consultancy, feasibility studies, and governance – primarily in multi-institutional collaborations.

I’d be happy to lend my software development skills to the community’s efforts, but my skills lean toward analysis more than formal software engineering these days. My C/C++ and Python (Scipy, Pandas, etc.) skills are still sharp, but I’m a novice with R. However, I really enjoy using R (and love the tidyverse), so I’d love to attempt to contribute in that direction. I’m also interested in running studies and can connect investigators to collaborators at multiple sites.


(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #500

@ephelps Nice to see you here! :smiley:

Be careful what you wish for! :wink: Just kidding. Welcome from out of the shadows! We are excited to have your collaboration in the community. I can’t wait to have MUSC and HSSC contributing to network studies.

(David Fritsche) #501

Hi there! My name is Dave Fritsche. I’ve been leading technology enabled change initiatives in the biopharma industry for longer than I’d like to admit - Astra, Genzyme, Sanofi, and Ariad. Now working at MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation on the New Drug Development Paradigms (NEWDIGS) initiative.

The NEWDIGS LEAPS project aims to transform the benefits patients receive from medicines by improving clinical decisions with better evidence from advanced data analytics integrated with real-world study designs. LEAPS is transforming how we plan, produce, and use real world evidence (RWE) to systematically improve patient outcomes. Meeting these complex RWE needs requires the application of platform strategies to drive efficiency and scale of evidence generation. You can find more info at [http://newdigs.mit.edu]

OHDSI seems aligned with our goal of doing this work in an open collaborative manner. OMOP and Atlas are of particular interest.

Most of my biopharma experience is in clinical trials, PV systems and registries. I’m new to RWD. Right now I’m trying to use the web based demo of Atlas. I’m having trouble accessing the Patient Profile view. Working with the SYNPUF data, it’s asking for Person Id. How do I get that? I’ve played around with concept sets and cohort definitions and generation, but I can’t seem to get a listing of patients with corresponding Person Id that I can provide to the Profile page. What am I doing wrong?



David P. Fritsche
Technology Officer, NEWDIGS LEAPS
MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation

(Lee Evans) #502

Welcome Dave!

FYI. The SYNPUF patient ids are sequentially assigned integers starting from 1, so you can just enter a patient_id of 1 or 2 etc to see some patient profiles in the ATLAS demo.

(Ayan Patel) #503

Hello Andrew!

Yes, I recall our discussion around data quality. Perhaps a follow up call is in order? We’ve extended the model with elements such as collected_datetime, ordered_datetime in measurement, drug_exposure_ordered_datetime, current_payer_plan_id to person, a visit_provider_role_extension table just to name a few. Happy to discuss more and get engaged with the CDM group. And also the vocabulary group


(Andrew Williams) #504

A follow up call would be great.
I’m glad to hear you’re planning to engage the CDM and Vocab work groups.
I look forward seeing your talent and the insights from your years of OMOP work contributed there.
I’d also love for you and other UC folks to able to run all the great OHDSI tooling on your CDM which I fear will be trickier with non-standard version of the data model.
You weren’t using any tooling apart from Achilles when we spoke. Is that right?
I think you’ll like the new Data Quality Dashboard if you haven’t tried it yet.