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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(gilles clermont) #465

Gilles Clermont, from the University of Pittsburgh and VA Pittsburgh. I am a critical care physician interested in patient-centered treatments and outcomes in the acutely ill. We have been collecting EHR data for several years now, ~180,000 ICU admissions. These data are very similar to MIMICIII in scope and granularity. We have been conducting analyses and published on this dataset pretty extensively, most recently in JAMA. We are assessing the potential usefulness of mapping to OMOP, as we have already mapped to MIMIC and eICU, the other publically available large repositories of ICU data. It would be outstanding if other participants in this network were aware of similar non-publically available datasets, so we could contemplate analysis of, and analytics on, several datasets, as to assess robustness of analyses and models. I have a use case in mind.

(Matthew Pietrzykowski) #466

Continuing the discussion from Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself:

Hello! I’m a Principal Data Scientist at CDPHP, a payer in the New York Capital region. We are undergoing an exciting transformation in data integration and analytics that have lead a few of us to explore the OMOP CDM as a means to achieve both our goals and serve the broader community. I’m looking forward to learning through participation and offering my thoughts on applying data scientific approaches to understanding and transforming healthcare data. We are actively engaged in using task appropriate tools from Statistics, Machine Learning, and Augmented Intelligence to enable a focused yet flexible technological ecosystem to enable solutions for our business units, our members, and our providers.

(Sergei) #467

Hello! I’m Sergei. I work as a medical knowledge engineer in a healthcare company. Last year I spent working with medical datasets and medical ontologies for building AI model for symptom checker. Now I try to dig into NLP for medical data extraction and coding.

(Pei Lin) #468

Hello! My name is Pei Lin, Business Insights & Analytics at Astrazeneca, US Oncology. My work interests in patient persistence and outcome research, patient-level (or provider-level) prediction/segmentation and population-level evaluation. In the oncology space, I am particularly interested in how to standardize bio-marker status from various lab testing data, or if we use reverse-engineer patient’s treatment pattern to categorize patient’s bio-marker status when test data is missing or not-done. Very happy to joining this forum and looking forward to closing the information gaps in the Oncology subgroup.

(YanZh) #469


I am Yan ZHAO, computer scientist at Toulouse University Hospital (France).

The University Hospital of Toulouse launched a project on OHDSI OMOP a few months ago with some other French university hospitals. We have already worked on the extraction of certain data for some OMOP tables and we will continue to work on the project.

I am excited to join the OHDIS community and look forward to talking with you.

(Alejandro Mauro) #470


My name is Alejandro Mauro, I am a medical specialist in biomedical informatics and I live in Chile. I am the Chief Medical Information Officer at the Department of Biomedical Informatics in Clínica Alemana de Santiago.

We are currently building our OMOP database with data from our in-house developed Electronic Medical Record.

We have found excellent the USAGI concept mapping tool. We have started to map the laboratory results. We are using Google translate in order to translate our LIS concepts into English, and then using USAGI. I don´t know if it is the best solution, but it works quite good.



(Kannan Raghavan) #471

I am new to OHDSI. I am currently working as senior director - medical data analytics at Analytics Insight, Inc. I was fortunate to work on “The Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development (HBGD) knowledge integration (HBGDki) initiative”, a Bill & Melinda Gates foundation project. I am a pharmaceutical professional working on HE&OR, RWE, Clinical Trial Data for regulatory submissions and Medical Affairs projects. I am familiar with OMOP and have worked on OMOP converted data for Marketscan, OPTUM etc. I have a Masters in CIS (Computer & Information Science) from University of Pennsylvania with part of the curriculum from Wharton School of Business. I am a good programmer in SAS, SQL and R. I have used TIBCO Spotfire as an end user and have also loaded summary statistical data from OMOP data into Spotfire for the visualization team from Hadoop database.
I wish to learn from my esteemed colleagues on OHDSI and contribute meaningfully when possible.
Best Wishes,
Kannan Raghavan

(Tatsuo HIRAMATSU) #472

Hello everyone, I am Tatsuo Hiramatsu, from Japan. I have been conducting a research project in Japan using OMOP based platform with some university hospitals together since 2016. This year, I have moved to another university and additionally begun to work on building an OMOP database of several hospitals within the university and its group, and would like to widely broaden OMOP / OHDSI in Japan. OHDSI / OMOP meeting was held twice in Tokyo, in June and September.

This time, thanks to @Christian_Reich, the new “OHDSI in Japan” category has been created in this forum. Most of posts there will be in Japanese, but Google Translate is excellent! Please watch discussions on issues in Japan. Thank you.

(Adam Watson) #473

Hi everyone!
My name is Adam out of NYC. I’m new to OHDSI but am a data quality analyst working with Rimma Belenkaya at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on OMOP in the oncology domain and standardizing data collection. My background is in healthcare and business analytics with stints in consulting and at a biotech startup, and prior to both I was a sleep scientist at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m familiar with SQL, R and to some extent Python, and am looking forward to helping advance this amazing community!

Adam Watson

(Jay P) #474

Hi everyone,
My name is Jayesh Patel and I am a graduate student enrolled in a PhD program in the US. I am approaching my dissertation phase sooner than I had expected. I heard about OHDSI from a colleague during my summer internship and would like to learn more about it and leverage it for my research. Since I am just getting my journey with OHDSI, I will come back with questions and or suggestions whenever needed. Looking forward to more learning and more sharing the learned!

(Francis Boscoe) #475

Hello, my name is Francis (Frank) Boscoe. After 20 years as a researcher with the New York State Cancer Registry, I “retired” to a small island off the coast of Maine and to form my own consulting business. I learned about OHDSI through the Portland R users group. It’s not clear to me that many researchers in public health agencies even know about this resource - they tend to see themselves as the sole gatekeepers of population-based health data. I am interested to see which of my consulting projects could potentially be better served here.

I am a geographer by training, and many of my research papers have a geospatial component, but in recent years I have gravitated more toward using claims and drug data for comparative effectiveness research. I am a passionate R user and also teach an biostatistics online via the University at Albany.

My business is called Pumphandle.

(Anne Marleen van Aggelen) #476

Hi everyone

My name is Marleen and I work for the company edenceHealth (based in Belgium) that got involved through EHDEN. I have a background in bio-science engineering and I’m happy to join the journey! I’d like to help out the community, and I’m particularly interested in OMOP CDM for patient generated data by smart devices and in OMOP CDM for veterinary data. So hereby my first question on the forum: who’s willing to give me some more info about how I can help OHDSI on these topics?

Thank you very much!
Best regards

(Christian Reich) #477

@MarleenvanAggelen: Welcome to the family. Well, the most important piece is participating in the community. There are folks discussing veteriary use (things like adding a SPECIES_CONCEPT_ID to the PERSON table, which is funny it its own account), or start new community efforts around the devices. In the long run contribution or evidence generation (running studies) will help advance the cause.

(Breck Yunits) #478

Aloha everyone,

I’m Breck Yunits and am a researcher at University of Hawaii Cancer Center. My background is in software engineering and programming language design, and I didn’t get into the bioinformatics space until about 2 years ago when I joined a team here to help them with their deep learning and software best practices.

Now one of my primary focuses is to help the team building a Data Curation Core here, and to apply our Tree Notation research to simplify and improve the medical records field. OHDSI/OMOP describe the problem pretty well and I hope to contribute to a solution.


(Asiyah Lin) #479

@Christian_Reich Who wants to develop a new community around devices? I am from CDRH, would love to join the community for medical devices. I can contribute to a lot of aspects, especially the medical device vocabulary.

(Andrew Williams) #480

I would love to work with you on devices Asiyah. Should we set up a call to discuss this?

(Christian Reich) #481


Well, you already found one. And it would be wonderful, because we need to develop such a community, improve the model and the vocabularies, so we can generate research results. The way to do that is to ask the same question in the main Forum with the appropriate title (“Who is interested in starting a Medical Device Working Group?”) or something like that.

(Asiyah Lin) #482

@Christian_Reich @Andrew
Thank you both! Will follow your suggestions. Have sent Andrew a message. Yes, we should set up a call to discuss.

(Manlik Kwong) #483

You can count me in - I work with Andrew on device based issues and research.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #484

Count me in!

Yeah, just create the main forum thread and publish there the meeting link, so everybody who interested can join.
We need to hear from different people, for example
@Alexdavv has some expirience with Global Unique Device Identification Database