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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Kate Weber) #445

@krfeeney YES PLEASE!!!


(Anu Gururaj) #446

Welcome, @Kate_Weber to the OHDSI community. I just wanted to point you to the NLP WG (https://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:workgroups:nlp-wg#) which is looking at the use of textual information from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for observational studies under the OHDSI umbrella. The group meets monthly and may be a good community to work with as you go through your project.

(Eva Joseph) #447

Hi everyone… Happy to join this forum… I am a Magento Ecommerce Website developer.

(shravani priya narra) #448

Hello Everyone,

My name is Shravani Priya and I am an experienced ETL/Informatica Developer with Health Care Data. I had recently graduated from Villanova University. I am very much excited to start my work with Odysseus Data Services Inc as a Big Data Engineer from United States. I shall be mostly working on ETL code Development. At this point of stage I shall be learning more from the community, rather than contributing. Looking forward to learn and collaborate with you people.

(Dylan Kady) #449

Hi everyone,

My name is Dylan Kady. I am a Senior Financial Analyst working for Johnson & Johnson within the supply chain organization. While I do not currently work in an OHDSI related role, I am completing my MPH in Epidemiology at Rutgers University. I look forward to getting to know the OHDSI community and exploring the resources available.

When I am not working or attending school at night, I enjoy teaching tennis and playing the guitar. My fiance and I also enjoy heading down to the beach (Asbury Park, NJ). Wish us luck as we navigate through wedding planning!

(Thanuj Shiva Kumar) #450

Hi Everyone,

I’m Thanuj(TJ) and I am very much new to this community and the model. I am a Data Enthusiast working as Sr.Big data Engineer for “Odysseus Data Services INC” who are primarily focused and excelled in collaborating with OHDSI, OMOP CDM and its implementation for needed partners. Thanks to @gregk for giving me this opportunity to work with them and @Dave.Barman for helping me out to explore this community. I am very much happy and excited to join this dynamic platform to learn, participate and Innovate. Looking forward to discover more and contribute more.

Best Regards,
Thanuj Shiva Kumar

(Maura Beaton) #451

Welcome @Eva_Joseph, @priya, @DylanKady and @ThanujShivaKumar! I hope you can join us for next week’s community call on Tuesday at 12pm ET

Details to join are here:

(Thanuj Shiva Kumar) #452

Sure @MauraBeaton , Thank you !

(Troy) #453


I am Troy Heninger. I am Director of Data Governance and Data Quality at St. Luke’s in Idaho. I have been around data for many years but healthcare data is new to me. There is clearly much more to learn and the mission, vision and values of the organization are easy to get behind. Though I am not yet quite sure how it’s all related, yet…….

(Jeff) #454

Hello, I’m Jeff Reed working at the American College of Surgeons. As a data architect and ETL specialist for the National Cancer DataBase (NCDB), I work with NAACCR, CDC, STORE and the AJCC primarily to gather and report on Cancer data. I am looking for additional supporting data to facilitate the tools we provide our analysts and the research communities. I am looking forward to the discovery and collaboration possibilities within this group!

(Daniel) #455

Hi, I am Daniel Capurro. I am a Chilean MD and PhD in Biomedical Informatics. My overarching research interest is the reutilization of routinely collected clinical data to generate new knowledge. In this particular space, I am interested in the use of digital phenotypes to create patient cohorts. These cohorts can then be used to measure quality of care, simulate clinical trials, serve as classifications for supervised machine learning and so on.

I recently moved to the University of Melbourne where there is interest in using OMOP as a common data model for health research here in Australia. I see this as an opportunity to test digital phenotyping methods in a broad set of datasets.

(Edward Palmer) #456

Hi all. My name is Ed. I’m an intensive care physician in London, UK. I’m currently on a research sabbatical in clinical data science (my research focus is sepsis). I contribute to a collaborative of 5 major research centres for ICU research in the UK. We aggregate data to a central store and are now migrating to the OHDSI data model. I look forward to engaging with and learning from the broader OHDSI community.

If there are any other researchers here who are UK based, I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on UK specific quirks/solutions with OHDSI.

(Conovermitch) #457

Hello everyone,

My name is Mitch Conover. I just (today) joined Janssen Research & Development’s Epidemiology Analytics group where I’ll be working with @ericaVoss and @Patrick_Ryan, among many other talented OHDSI collaborators. I’m excited to interact more with the OHDSI tools and community. I’m especially looking forward to attending this year’s OHDSI Symposium.

I completed my PhD and postdoctoral work in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My focus was in pharmacoepidemiology with an emphasis on methods for observational research and database work. My dissertation work focused on assessing the validity of using all-available database history to characterize patients within U.S. Medicare claims data. Broadly speaking, my primary professional goal is to advance the validity and impact of scientific research conducted using observational data sources. I think that can be accomplished by working together to develop study design and analytic methods, as well as broadening the field’s understanding of which questions can and cannot be addressed using these data.

On the personal side, I love music of all kinds, new and old (though anything released between 1969-1971 holds a special place in my heart) and try to travel as much as I can.

(Satoshi Ueno) #458

Hi all,

I am Satoshi Ueno who works as a senior researcher at the Center for Public Health Informatics of the National Institute of Public Health in Japan.

I obtained Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry, and worked as a post doctor.
Previously, I started CRA and the clinical trial coordinating office, and data management.
Currently, I am conducting research on the utilization of medical information, such as the construction of patient registries and the development of data reliability assessment methods.
Since 2016, I have been teaching CDASH Implementation courses in Japan as an CDISC Authorized Instructor.

I understand that it is important to understand the standard of observational research in order to use the disease registry and RWD.
So I decided to join OHDSI.

Therefore, I am planning to participate in the 2019 OHDSI Symposium.
I would like to revisit the web site to see which group activities are possible.

I look forward to being able to meet in this forum and the actual 2019 OHDSI Symposium.
Thank you in advance.


(Tarun Shah) #459

Hi all,

I’m Tarun Shah, works as a data scientist at OmniISM in Ahmedabad, India.

I obtained my masters in Computer Networks and Information Security and Interned at TCS.
Previously, I worked for HighQ Solutions as a Jr. Data Scientist.

Currently, We are working on mapping our data to CDM. It’s good to have a standard and I think we are on the right track in doing so.
looking forward to work with you folks.

Tarun Shah

(Mathias Antunes) #460

Hi all,

I’m Mathias Antunes as Data Manager at Brain and Spine Institute in Paris, France.

I mainly work on REDCap, my objective is to standardize the data collection in the institute.
I am currently creating a standard set of item for them to collect data (as close as possible to OMOP data Model to make the mapping easier).
I’de love to hear from REDCap user about OMOP and redcap.
Please feel free to contact me.

Mathias Antunes.

(Alexander Sivura) #461

Hi everybody. My name is Alexander Sivura.
I work as a Machine learning engineer at Healthcare startup company in Palo Alto, California.
I’m building an AI model for symptom checker now. I’m also interested in the projects related to NLP for medical coding and billing.

(Paul Levy) #462

I’m Paul Levy of ArtificialChat Inc. We’re a Conversational AI “B-Corp”, a Public Benefit Corp. In development now is our Symptom.CHAT project, designed for patients to be able to report symptoms in REAL Time to their doctors in SMS, Mobile PWA or via Desktop. I’ve personally worked on Medical data projects ranging from Surgery databases to Allergy Database to Genetic Databases. We’re AWS Partners in NYC working out of the WeWorks Accelerator Lab on W57th in Manhattan. Exploring OHDSI as a vocabulary platform to standardize the Symptom descriptions as they travel from patient to doctor. Hoping to attend the OHDSI conference in September. -Paul

(Gene Urrutia) #463

Hi all,

I’m Gene Urrutia, a senior data scientist with Hillrom, where I work on digital health connectivity and patient safety in the hospital setting. I am excited to learn about the OMOP CDM, as this can bridge the many data sources and vocabularies we work with. These days I am working mostly in time series modeling of health outcomes. I work in python and in the Azure databricks / spark environment, so if there are any initaiatives there, I would be glad to help.


(Oskar Gauffin) #464


I’m Oskar Gauffin, Data Scientist at the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Sweden. We focus on finding causes for adverse drug reactions, i.e. pharmacovigilance. I’m interested in learning more about the OHDSI-project and eventually, I hope, develop a few R-scripts for OMOP data.