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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Jong-Yeup, Kim) #262

Hi, all.
I’m Jong-Yeup, Kim. and I have been a assistant professor at Konyang University, Daejeon, Korea in Otorhinolaryngology. I got to known this OHDSI community on the recommendation of professor Rae Woong Park. I found research interest in human driven big-data analysis about several years ago. I plan to make center for biomedical informatics in my medical college. My immediate task is to build an Avengers team to lead this center. I hope that I will be able to learn and interact with many people here.

When not working I hang out with wife , 11 years old daughter and 8 years old sun, and like to make something new like app(not related work) or arduino(with my kids).

I look forward to a great OHDSI adventure
Jong-Yeup, Kim

(Rohit Noghan) #263

Hello to you all!

I’m Rohit Noghan, a contract/freelance SAS programmer by trade.

Having worked in analytical roles within Epidemiology and HEOR, I’ve had some fun times with exposure to various databases and tools used in observational research. I did have a brief stint with an OMOP common data model conversion, for a company I previously worked for.

Currently working on clinical development side of things, therefore I would like to get back with outcomes research and see where I can help. Also a good opportunity to get re-acquainted with old colleagues and friends and see where we can knowledge share and collaborate.

I’m from the UK, having lived and worked in Germany and Dublin for a short while. When I’m not hiding away in my home office, I keep myself busy spending time with my wife and three kids. It’s amazing how much you can learn from a three year old!

(Rae Woong Park) #264

Welcom Cynthia!
I just found your enrollment to OHDSI forum.
Hope the researchers and clinicians in Singapore to collaborate with OHDSI.

(Rae Woong Park) #265

Welcome to OHDSI!
I am proud of the activity of SMC, one of leading hospitals of Korean OHDSI.
Hope to see your team at European OHDSI at this March.

(Philip Zachariah) #266

My name is Philip Zachariah. I am an infectious disease physician/researcher/hospital epidemiologist at Columbia University/NewYork Presbyterian Hospital. I am interested in the use of observational data for infectious disease surveillance, tracking antimicrobial resistance and comparative effectiveness studies of newer antibiotics. Thanks to Karthik here for introducing me to OHDSI and I look forward to contributing to the community!
It looks like there is great ongoing work.

(lindamurtha) #267

Hi, my name is Linda Murtha. I am a medical coder at IQVIA. I look forward to learning as much information as I can about about OMOP and the OHDSI community.

(Larry) #268

Colleagues in non-experimental research data erroneously termed observational since all data, experimental or non-experimental are observational:

I am Larry Holmes, Jr, a quantitative epidemiologist with focus on pediatric cancer and health disparities. My focus is on socio-epigenomic modifications as exposure functions of health disparities in pediatric cancer incidence, progression and survival, implying extra-genetic-environment interaction as potential explanation of racial, sex and ethnic variances in pediatric cancer prognosis and survival. .As a strong advocate of team science one firmly believes that we can improve patient outcome and public health by collective scientific effort in risk isolation and intervention mapping to address such etiologies and risk adapted treatment.

(Lei Wang) #269

My name is Lei Wang. I am a Web Applications Architect at Stanford Children’s Health. I have worked with various databases before, such as SQL Server, Oracle, Postgress… I would like to develop analytical solutions using OMOP and OHDSI tools.

(Stan Robertson) #270

Hi, my name is Stan Robertson, and I am working on what we call the “Health Data Platform” for the Ministry of Health, Government of British Columbia, Canada.

We have not standardized on the OMOP model and OHDSI platform, but it is intriguing as a solution for our needs. We are issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) in April, so the selected proposal will help determine the platform.

I am impressed with the OHDSI community and what it has accomplished. Our challenges with using the model includes mapping Canadian codes (e.g. ICD-10-CA and ICD-9-CA), and other source codes to OMOP Concepts, and we are also planning to implement a “Federated” system - not storing all data in one location, except for extracted data specific to research projects.

I welcome any suggestions anyone has to help us on the right path, and I hope to contribute in return if we continue along this journey.

(Nam Nguyen) #271

Hello, I’m Nam Nguyen, Director of Health Data Management, Medical Informatics at Practice Fusion (Allscripts). My team will soon be converting our data into OMOP. I am excited to work with and get help from the OHDSI community in this endeavor.

(Henrik John) #272

Hi, my name is Henrik John. I recently started as a PhD student at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam.

I am working in the group of Peter Rijnbeek on the Patient-Level Prediction package and will concentrate on large-scale prediction and deep learning. Currently, I am looking into learning curves and how they can be compared across databases, prediction algorithms, class distributions, etc…

Looking forward to meeting some of you during the OHDSI European Symposium.

(Jihoon Yoon) #273

My name is Jihoon Yoon. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Biostatistics at Washington University in St. Louis.

I am a researcher at Seoul National University Hospital working with various data and I am excited to be part of the OHDSI community.

We hope to learn and contribute along this journey.
Jihoon Yoon

(Christopher Sindoni) #274

Hi Everyone,

My name is Chris Sindoni and I am Chief Data Officer at Practice Fusion in San Francisco. We are a cloud based EHR provider recently acquired by Allscripts. Allscripts now has three commercially available de-identified EHR patient data sets, as well as a de-identified claims data set. Each of these has tens of millions of individual patients.

We are making a commitment to convert these data sets to OMOP 5. Members of the team will be joining the OHDSI community, and I expect we will contribute to the Github Common Data Model project and will participate in working groups.

We also have a RWE team and a RWE analytics platform that uses some code from OHDSI projects. I expect these team members will be active in the community and open source projects as well.

Chris Sindoni

(Sreekanth V K) #275

Dear All,

I am Sreekanth V K, Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur), India. I am working on Decision Modeling in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as my thesis topic. In our school, we are in the process of setting up Healthcare Analytics Lab for developing data-driven solution healthcare operations management problems. Currently, our team works in different areas such as EMS, insurance, and preventive care.

As a want-to-be data scientist, I understand the difficulty in getting data in proper format. I really appreciate this initiative and I hope it would help the researchers and academicians across the world. I hope the shared data in this forum would help us in setting up the direction for healthcare analytics lab.

We really want to join this journey and spearhead this movement in India. I would really appreciate if somebody could let us know the formal method of collaboration and moving forward.

Sreekanth V K

(David Vizcaya) #276

Hello everyone! My name is David Vizcaya and I have been an epidemiomogist for the last ten years. Currently I work for Bayer as a senior epidemiologist and I am based in Barcelona, Spain.
I strongly believe that progress comes from research, and there is no research possible without collaboration. That’s why I am an OHDSI “believer”! Especially after attending the fantastic european symposium a few hours ago! :slight_smile:

(Leonard Wee) #277

Hi all, general forum introduction.
Senior postdoc researcher in clinical data science and knowledge engineering @ Maastricht University NL and Maastro (Radiation oncology) Clinic. Specializations in Semantic Web, OPEN FAIR data, distributed machine learning and shared decision making at point of consult. Hoping to encourage (and sometimes enforce) OMOP-CDM as preferred data model for clinical (non-radiology, non-imaging) data. Project lead/co-PI for several EU projects such as STRaTegy, eDECIDEand BIONIC, in addition to several smaller scale feasibilties for NLP and Narrow AI.
Looking forward to learning and contributing via EU OHDSI.

(Iannis Drakos) #278

Hello OHDSI community,

I’m very excited to be here after the great experience of the European symposium.

My name is Iannis Drakos, a data scientist, working in the Danish region of Zealand in the field of medical research and personalized medicine.

We will soon make a decision about a favorable data-model that will be used for the region’s prospective and retrospective data, going back as far as 4 decades.

After traveling around the planet and evaluating the available OHDSI-like solutions, my personal preference is to suggest and promote the OMOP CDM as the most efficient solution.

This is based on two factors.
The first is the wide adoption of the CDM and the functionality of the available tools.
The second, and of equal importance, is the feeling that I left Rotterdam with and makes me think that the OHDSI community is too awesome to miss.

I want to thank everyone for presenting your work and helping us to better understand OHDSI and the community. And I would like to ask for your assistance in accurately describing OHDSI to the local stakeholders.
So please share cases, documentation or demos that you may have and can be used as part of an OHDSI introductory presentation to an audience without special IT/data science/bioinformatics skills.

I’m looking forward to becoming an active community member and getting to know you and the projects in more detail.


(Yanshan Wang) #279

Hello everyone,
I am Yanshan Wang, a research associate at Mayo Clinic. My research interests are but not limited to biomedical information retrieval, natural language processing, and machine learning applications. Currently I am working on a patient-level information retrieval system by leveraging both structured and unstructured EHRs. I am using free text information retrieval techniques and adopting OHDSI CDM.

Looking forward to collaboration opportunities from an exciting OHDSI community.

Yanshan Wang

(Anna M. May) #280

Hello everyone,

I’m Anna May, a researcher and sleep physician at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland VA. My research is in clinical and epidemiological cohorts to investigate sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea. I have an interest in cross-platform integration of medical records to improve research capability. I’m looking forward to learning and collaborating with others through OHDSI.


My name is Oezlem, working as HEOR-Manager at Janssen, Germany.
Inspired by the fabulous OHDSI meeting in Rotterdam and lots of fruitful discussions with the OHDSI members I am happy to join the OHDSI journey today.
Looking very much forward to collaborating with you.