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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Denise M Hynes) #282

Greetings! I officially joined the forum today, although my team at the VA Information Resource Center (VIReC) has been working with OMOP for over a year now. I am now based at the Portland VA Healthcare System and Oregon State University. Our VIReC team based at the Hines VA Hospital is transforming Medicare data files we have merged with VA data to the OMOP CDM. We are collaborating with the VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) team led by Michael Matheny, and with dissemination planning with Mary Whooley at the San Francisco VA It is a long process and we hope it will be useful to many within and outside the VA when we have a working product!
Denise Hynes, Portland VA & Oregon State University

(Lianne Ippel) #283

Hello Everyone,

my name is Lianne Ippel and I just started a postdoc at Maastricht University at the institute for Data Science (the Netherlands). I joined the symposium in Rotterdam a couple weeks ago and learned a great deal! I will be working on learning health care systems and I believe the OHDSI tools will make my life a lot easier while doing so, once I learned how to work with them. You will probably hear from me during that process.

(Rimma Belenkaya) #284

Hi Bob,

I am assuming you were the one who volunteered to join the Oncology WG to work on the NAACCR vocabulary during the last WG meeting. I realized that you were not on either the mailing list or among the meeting invitees. If it was not you, I apologize. If it was you, could you please send me your email address?

Thank you,

(Qi Tang) #285

Hi everyone,

I’m Qi Tang, an associate director in the Translational Informatics group of Sanofi, Bridgewater, NJ. I have been working on EHR analytics since 2017. What excites me most is the promising future of precision medicine based on EHR data analytics. A patient can simply share his/her EHR with a health practitioner and obtain a report of different choices of treatment options including their effectiveness, safety and cost.

I would be very interseted in working on predicting patient disease trajectory and treatment effectiveness and safety based on EHR data analysis using machine learning methods, especially, deep learning.


(John Welsh) #286

Hi. My name is John Welsh. I work at the Vaccine Research Institute of San Diego as CEO and chief bottle washer. My research has focused lately on how gene expression changes when cancer cells first encounter tissue to which they metastasize. In one study, we identified genes that become up-regulated when breast cancer cells are cultured in vivo on brain tissue in a mouse model (https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0101160). Interestingly, several of the genes that are temporarily up-regulated as breast cancer cells adapt to brain tissue can be suppressed with commonly used drugs, including ibuprofen, dramamine, and MAOA inhibitors, which are antidepressants. I am wondering whether observational data on patients with breast cancer who routinely use one of these drugs show decreased incidence or delay of brain metastasis. I’d be interested to hear back whether this seems like an approachable problem for OHDSI.

By the way, my PhD is from Columbia University, officially in chemistry, but I studied molecular and structural biology. I loved every minute of it, and I love NYC. If OHDSI provides me with even a shadow of an excuse to visit in person, I will jump at it!

(Aldo Saavedra) #287

Hi Everyone,

My name is Aldo Saavedra and I’m a data scientist specialising in eMR data at the Sydney University, Australia. I’m currently working on the development of a data sharing analytics platform that will facilitate studies on the standardised datasets and propagation of insights back to stakeholders such as clinicians working at the coal face and administrators.

Our proof of concept is associated with patients presenting to ED with chest pains and studying the patient journey using the data stored in the eMR. The main aim is to determine whether the pathway has been optimised and what are the contributing factors behind unwarranted clinical variations with the aim of improving patient outcomes and overall system performance. Our first study will involve STEMI patients.
With the extracted data I’m hoping to develop statistical bayesian models and machine learning algorithms to answer our questions and develop decision support rules.

It has been great to find a lively collaboration in OHDSI.
At the moment I’m reading the OHDSI documentation how it can help us and where we can contribute.

I’m happy to hear from people that have undergone through a similar journey.


(hemanth) #288

Hi All,

I am Hemanth from India, working in Pharma MNC as data scientist in Pharmacovigilance domain. Looking forward to work with you all

(Nnenna) #289


My name is Nnenna and I am a Research Health Science Specialist at the Palo Alto VA. I have a MSPH in Health Policy, and a MSIS from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In my new role in the VA, I will be working as a data manager, analyst, researcher and programmer. I’m really excited to use data science and informatics in healthcare to improve decision making. Since my role is interdisciplinary, I’d like to contribute to this forum by just learning more about the community but also participate in data management, software development, research papers, and things generally related to informatics.

(Mehrdad Forouzanfar) #290

Hi, I’m Mohammad (Mehrdad) Forouzanfar. My background is in medicine (MD) and epidemiology (PhD). As a drug safety epidemiologist at Seattle Genetics, my job is to support my colleagues with epidemiological evidence for safety surveillance and signal assessment. I have experience in data analysis and number crunching in a different environment but look forward to learning about Real World Data analysis techniques and use in drug development and safety evaluation. I look forward to collaborating with you all.

(qiongwang) #292

Greetings everyone,
My name is Qiong Wang. I work in the Information Center for The Hospital of GuangZhou Medical University,I have worked in hospital’s information center form 2008 after I got my Master’s degree. In the meaning time, I am a Ph.D. student at the Sun Yet-Sen University. My major is biomedical engineering, forces on the medical data management and analysis. I am looking forward to engaging with the OHDSI community and learning more about the Population level estimation、patient level prediction and the exciting collaborative work this organization is doing with observational data. I also want to find a realistic way to use the medical data in China.
My mother language is Chinese, and I am not a proficient English speaker. So if I made some English linguistic mistakes, and looks like I am losing politeness, I really not mean that. I am glad somebody can correct me. :innocent:
Reply as linked Topic

(Youngin Kim) #293

Hi everyone,

I’m Youngin Paul Kim. I’m Medical Director at Noom. Great to meet you all!

Noom is a mobile healthcare startup that provides behavior change platform for weight loss, diabetes prevention, and chronic disease management. Noom provides human coaching service in the US, Germany, Japan and Korea. We’ve collected more than 1.6B food logs worldwide & also recieved CDC’s full-recognition for diabetes prevetion program.

I would love to contribute to the CDM for life-log.

(Haguinet) #294

Hi All,
My name is Francois Haguinet and I am pharmacoepidemiologist in GSK Vaccines. In the past I have provided statistical input for planning of observational studies in the UK CPRD and Marketscan, and I also performed the analyses for some of them. I have a long experience of SAS programming.
Currently my main interest is the development of signal detection tools in the observational databases to support the pharmacovigilance of vaccines.
I look forward to collaborate with OHDSI.

(Aelan Park) #295

Hi All,

My name is Aelan Park. I am a research fellow at Ajou University. I work with Chan and professor Park.
My background is Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nursing. So I am less familiar with CDM than you guys.
Pleas give good advice to build knowledge and skills in terms of CDM to me, I can be a good listener.
Even thouth I am still studying OMPO CDM and how to effectively use ATLAS based on CDM now, I would like to contribute to OHDSI community soon.

Thank you.

(Kwang Soo Jeong) #296

Hello. I am Jeong Kwang Soo from Korea.

I majored in computer science and work as a programmer at Ajou University.

Normally, I was interested in open-source development, so I’m very excited to be part of the OHDSI project.

Through this community, I would like to contribute to the project not only by developing software, but also by learning data science and reading research papers.


Hello, I am Park Dongsu, who wants to develop medical system at university.

I think it is a good opportunity to participate in medical system development through big data.

I would like to be active in OHDSI and make good open source.

I will do my best. Thank you.

(Eduardo Nigri) #298

Hi everyone, my name is Eduardo Nigri. I am a Data Scientist at Kunumi, an AI start-up in Brazil. We work with applied Machine Learning and research in a range of different areas including health care.

I work in a research group at Kunumi and the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil (UFMG) that applies Machine Learning to a variety of problems, such as prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease, Intelligent ICU, and Chronic Pain. We are interested in participating in the patient level prediction workgroup of OHDSI.

I am looking forward to collaborate and learn more about OHDSI!

(Cristóbal Lecaros Cornejo) #299

Hello everyone,

My name is Cristóbal Lecaros. I am a physician and also a Master’s degree student in Medical Informatics at Universidad de Chile/ University of Heidelberg.
I’m interested in OHDSI as a scalable solution to produce uniform databases, and how this ambitious idea can be implemented globally.
APHRODITE package is a very interesting framework to develop cohorts and to establish projects among different disciplines.

Thank you for the openness of the initiative.


Cristóbal Lecaros C.

(Tiago Amador Coelho) #300

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tiago Coelho. I’m a phd student in computer science and I have interest in the healthcare research

(Prathamesh Prabhudesai) #301

Hello everyone!

My name is Prathamesh (Om) Prabhudesai. I am a medical doctor from India, and am currently a full-time student at Georgia Tech. I am working under @jon_duke as a Research Assistant at GTRI (Georgia Tech Research Institute). I have seen majority of the OHDSI 2017 videos (they were very helpful) that are posted on Youtube, and have been silently following the forums.

I intend to contribute to the community by coming up with a way to map the 152 pages of cohort definitions that are present on Atlas to medical specialties.
Really excited to join you all!

(Igor Korolev) #302

Hi Everyone,

My name is Igor Korolev, and I’m an incoming Research Fellow in Medical Informatics at the Boston VA Healthcare System. I’m very happy to join the OHDSI community and look forward to contributing to this important initiative. By training, I’m a physician-neuroscientist, with a passion for clinical research at the interface of healthcare and technology. Although I have experience and continue to be interested in analyzing large biomedical data sets relating to aging, cognition, and neuropsychiatric disorders (behavioral, neuroimaging, EEG, etc), including Alzheimer’s disease, I’m very interested in real-world health data analysis (i.e. EHR and wearables).

In particular, I’m interested in using AI, machine learning, analytics, informatics, and other data science approaches to advance precision medicine and population health. I look forward to contributing as an OHDSI collaborator. Thank you for all your efforts!

Kind regards,