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Weekly OHDSI Digest-11Sept2023


Please join our Sept. 12 (11 am ET) OHDSI Community Call for a session fully focused on the 2023 Global Symposium. We will go through the agenda for the main conference, which brings together more than 35 community members from around the world for an event that will include a plenary on “Improving the reliability and scale of case validation,” a panel session on “Lessons learned from OHDSI network studies,” 10 lightning talks, a look at the state of the OHDSI community, and plenty more. We will also look at the various weekend activities, including an introductory tutorial, the HowOften workshop, workgroup activities, and the HL7 FHIR-OMOP Connectathon.

If you have not yet registered for the OHDSI Symposium, please do so here.

Everybody is invited. Calendar invites went out last week. If you did not receive one, please use this link to join the meeting. All recordings from these weekly calls are available within our Teams environment and will be posted on both our YouTube page and our OHDSI.org Community Calls page.


Upcoming Workgroup Calls – OHDSI


Community Updates

• We are less than six weeks away from the 2023 OHDSI Global Symposium. If you have not yet done so, please register now to assure your place at our highlight event of the year.

• This is the FINAL WEEK to contribute to the Phenotype Library for the OHDSI2023 HowOften Workshop. If you are planning to contribute, the deadline is Friday, Sept. 15. Learn more about the event and what is needed beforehand in this forum post.

• This is also the FINAL WEEK to nominate a member of the community for an OHDSI Titan Award. To recognize OHDSI collaborators (or collaborating institutions) for their contributions towards OHDSI’s mission, the OHDSI Titan Awards were introduced at the 2018 Symposium and have been handed out at the U.S./Global Symposium each year since. You can nominate a community member for a 2023 Titan Award here; the deadline is Friday, Sept. 15.

• Research from the 2023 Europe Symposium Collaborator Showcase in Rotterdam can be viewed on the Europe Symposium Showcase homepage. Research is also being shared daily on OHDSI’s LinkedIn and Twitter feeds as part of the #OHDSISocialShowcase. Below are posters (with study leads) that are featured this week:

Monday – The EHDEN Portal – Simplifying the access to OMOP CDM databases (João Rafael Almeida)

Tuesday – Construction of a central ontology platform for semantic mapping coordination and vocabulary augmentation across a multi-partner oncology consortium (Jared Houghtaling)

Wednesday – The DigiONE FORGE Approach to Providing OMOP Oncology Data for Federated Analyses (Daniel Maier)

Thursday – Vaccine effectiveness to prevent long COVID: A staggered cohort study using primary care electronic health records from the United Kingdom (Martí Català)

Friday – Comparing concepts extracted from clinical Dutch text to conditions in the structured data (Tom Seinen)

• The agenda for the 2023 Global Symposium main conference is now available and it highlights the most diverse agenda in our event history. More than 35 community members from around the world will help put together an event that will include a plenary on “Improving the reliability and scale of case validation,” a panel session on “Lessons learned from OHDSI network studies,” 10 lightning talks, a look at the state of the OHDSI community, and plenty more.

• The OHDSI Global Symposium will host our first ever ‘OHDSI Got Talent’ event. Do you have a unique talent that you can demonstrate in 6 minutes or less? We want to see it! If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form. The deadline to submit this form is 8pm ET on Friday, September 22; you will be notified of your acceptance by Friday, September 29.

• The new Community Dashboard is now available on OHDSI.org. The dashboard includes tracking sites for publications, YouTube videos, EHDEN Academy courses, network studies, the phenotype explorer, and opportunities.

HADES Development Announcements

Martijn Schuemie announced the release of DatabaseConnector 6.2.4. This contains some bugfixes (including one required to stay in CRAN).

Egill Fridgeirsson announced the release of DeepPatientLevelPrediction 2.0.0. This is a major release due to a switch of backend from torch in R to pytorch.

Martin Lavallee announced the release of CAPR 2.0.6. Updates in this version include:

  • addition of makeCohortSet function to bind multiple Capr cohorts into a tibble to pipe into CohortGenerator
  • addition of dateAdjustment function to incorporate the new circe (as of v1.11.0) attribute to a query
  • bug fixes, improvements to the documentation and preparation for CRAN release


The 2023 OHDSI Global Symposium will be held Oct. 20-22 at the NEW location of the Hilton East Brunswick Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in East Brunswick, N.J. Below are all the critical links you will need for the weekend.
Register | Friday, Oct. 20 Agenda | Weekend Agenda | Collaborator Showcase Details | Book a Hotel Sleeping Room | Full Weekend Timeline | Weekend Activities Details

2023 Titan Award Nomination Form

Please note that the weekend activity sign-ups are located on the main registration link above


Ajit Londhe recently posted that Boehringer Ingelheim is hiring for two positions: (1) Director, Real World Data & Analytics - Data Domain Owner (this position will lead acquisition strategy for real-world data sources for possible in-license/ purchase and additional analytical tools for in-house analytic needs across the organization … responsible for oversight of operational governance tasks & real-world data life cycle governance … US-based, remote location); and (2) Real World Evidence Data Engineer (IT position supporting RWE teams’ technology needs, including OHDSI stack support … based in Spain only).

Yuan Lu, Assistant Professor at Yale University, announced an opening for a Postdoctoral Associate/Data Analyst at the Yale University School of Medicine. This person will work on the LEGEND Hypertension Project. More information, including job description, key responsibilities and qualifications, are available here. If interested, please reach out to Dr. Lu at y.lu@yale.edu.


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