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Unable to access files from USAGI


I was able to download and build the initial index for USAGI, verified by checking index statistics. But once I went to import source code, it appears as if there are no contents accessible from USAGI in any of the folders on my computer (I am able to navigate to, for example, my Desktop folder. But it looks as if there is nothing in it)

I believe this may be because the vocabulary folder and USAGI were not directly in the same folder, but am now unsure how to remedy as I can’t rebuild the index without access to any files.

Thank you!

Hi @Kayla_Schiffer. This is the first time I heard of this issue. It could be that Usagi has no access privileges on some folders.
What operating system are you using? And would you be able to share screenshots of the issue?



It looks the same problem you were having

Samanta was using Mac

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Thank you for your replies, @MaximMoinat and @carlosalcampos I am on a Mac as well. Attached below is an image of the window I see.

I thought it may be related to access privileges as well, but could not figure out how to verify that.

I am having the same challenge- was there a solution?

Hi Anne, it might very well be a Mac privilege issue. The folder access has gotten more stringent in recent Mac osx versions. For instance, when I try to open the desktop folder from Usagi, I get:

Could you check what file access priviliges ‘java’ application has? System Settings → Privacy & Security → Files and Folders. For java it should look something like this: