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Test CDM database stored in SQL Server

Hello OHDSI Folks

To perform some testing, I’m looking for a version 5.3.1 CDM that’s stored in SQL Server.

I know that multiple test CDMs are publicly available, but none of them appear to be SQL Server databases, or easily migrated to SQL Server.

For example, Eunomia contains a test CDM, but it’s in an R instance and stored on SQLite. The ETL-Synthea project also contains test CDM v5.3.1 data, but it loads a PostgreSQL database. And the OHDSI-in-a-Box project provides a virtual machine with the CMS DeSynPUF data on two platforms. But its Windows version uses a Postgres database while its Linux version uses SQL Workbench.

I would greatly appreciate any information about a CDM stored in SQL Server.


Hi Folks

Never mind, I’ve found another solution.


Hi Arthur,

I’m just starting out with implementing the CDM on Sql Server, and am running into script errors when it comes to applying the primary and foreign keys, as well as indexes.

Can you tell me how your effort is going and what hiccups you might have overcome?