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Test CDM database stored in SQL Server


(Arthur P Goldberg) #1

Hello OHDSI Folks

To perform some testing, I’m looking for a version 5.3.1 CDM that’s stored in SQL Server.

I know that multiple test CDMs are publicly available, but none of them appear to be SQL Server databases, or easily migrated to SQL Server.

For example, Eunomia contains a test CDM, but it’s in an R instance and stored on SQLite. The ETL-Synthea project also contains test CDM v5.3.1 data, but it loads a PostgreSQL database. And the OHDSI-in-a-Box project provides a virtual machine with the CMS DeSynPUF data on two platforms. But its Windows version uses a Postgres database while its Linux version uses SQL Workbench.

I would greatly appreciate any information about a CDM stored in SQL Server.


(Arthur P Goldberg) #2

Hi Folks

Never mind, I’ve found another solution.