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Symptoms come from NLP?

hi,guys. Does the source of symptoms(like cough,fever) come from Doctor’s order?And the descriptions need to be NLP , then standarded to conditions, finally goes to the condition_occurrence? I’m not sure the condition_occurrence only contain the name of disease from structured data, or both the name of disease and symotpms from unstructured data should includ.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, @yingzhang

Disease and symptoms are going together in CDM - we rely on the data and mostly don’t do a differential diagnosis. Some symptoms, however, can be transformed into observations if you find suitable concept_ids.

Also, if conditions and symptoms come from different sources, you may be interested in different types for these records. Just a week ago we had a vocabulary release for consolidated Type Concepts and new Condition Statuses. You can find useful links and check the vocabulary release here: Important vocabulary release: Type Concept and Condition Status

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