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Important vocabulary release: Type Concept and Condition Status

We’re happy to announce a release of consolidated Type Concepts and new Condition Statuses.

Both are already available in Athena as new individual vocabularies:
Type Concept
Condition Status

The recent discussions:
Concept Type consolidation - please take a look
Primary dx vs Secondary dx
Suspected Diagnosis and its place in the OMOP CDM
Prescribed and Dispensed Drugs in the DRUG_EXPOSURE table

Please make sure to update your ETLs since the previously used type and condition_status concepts are deprecated now.

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Are you going to add ‘maps to’ relationships for deprecated concepts like in this spreadsheet ?

We tried to. But some of them cannot be mapped 1-to-1, and links become ambiguous. So we’ll be on the safe side if everyone will go through this manually.

Hi @Alexdavv,

Thank you for your information.
I have a favor to ask.
Please update CDM specifications with Type Concept because it can makes me confuse.
for example, there is no Meas Type in Standard Concept of Type Concept now.

I am so sorry about just asking without any action.

Thank you.

Aelan Park


This is happening as we speak. Sorry for the delay.


Thank you.