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Strategus sub-team formation

In the HADES Working Group, we’ve discussed and decided to form a sub-team focused on the design of Strategus software for OHDSI network studies. There has been a lot of discussion of Strategus here on the forums link, in the HADES workgroup, the Save Our Sisyphus Challenge, the 2023 OHDSI Hack-a-thon and of course on the Strategus GitHub Issue Tracker.

Now we’d like to formalize the work around the Strategus project into a sub-team of the HADES Working Group and we want to open this up to developers in the OHDSI community that are interested in collaborating. I have opened a poll on the HADES Working Group OHDSI Teams Channel to see who is interested in meeting and some options for meeting days/times. Please feel use that link to vote and to join the sub-team! I’m aiming to start this sub-team in January 2024.

(If you don’t have access to the OHDSI Teams environment, please see: OHDSI Workgroups – OHDSI and click the “Join A Workgroup” link)


I would like to contribute to this sub-team.

Hi - the poll for the Strategus sub-team is closed and we’ll be meeting the 2nd Thursday of the month at 12PM EST. If you’d like to join, please join the HADES WG channel in Teams and you’ll find the Strategus sub-team channel and the scheduled monthly meeting. Thanks!

Just a note that @anthonysena is away today and unable to host the meeting so we are cancelling. We will discuss updates at the HADES wide meeting next week.