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SAPS-3: Simplified Acute Physiology Score III


I am new in the community
I did not find SAPS3 concept in Athena. I just found:

  • Simplified Acute Physiology Score
  • Simplified Acute Physiology Score II

I am mapping a database where SAPS3 score is a metric that is needed in the study.
How should I proceed in this situation? Which table should I map to?


Carlos Campos

Dear Carlos,

I don’t know the answer but is interested in it, so will follow this thread.


Hi @carlosalcampos please submit the github ticket so the OHDSI vocabulary team can add such a concept.
If it’s needed urgently, you can create 2 billion standard concept with measurement domain and put it in concept table, and make Maps to relationship to itself in relationship table, alike Simplified acute physiology scale II.

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Issue opened: https://github.com/OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0/issues/587
Thanks @Dymshyts

The concept was added in the 20220409 release as a OMOP Extension:

Thanks everyone!