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Refresh conceptRecordCount cache without restarting WebAPI?

Hi there,

I was having an issue where the RC/DRC counts in ATLAS were not reflecting the latest state of our OMOP CDM and realized that the conceptRecordCount cache these counts are pulled from was not refreshing even though I’d recently run ACHILLES and clicked Refresh Configuration Cache in ATLAS. I discovered through some Forums & GitHub digging that restarting the WebAPI application would refresh the conceptRecordCount cache and indeed, restarting WebAPI did the trick - the RC/DRC counts updated.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to refresh this cache without restarting the WebAPI app? Perhaps this is a feature request I should file in GitHub but wanted to check first to see if there was a known alternative way to do this in the community :slight_smile:



A function to refresh concept counts would be a good issue to open up on github.