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ATLAS search - RC and DRC showing strange values

Hi! I have a question regarding the values of RC and DRC shown in ATLAS. We have updated our OHDSI database but values in RC and DRC seem to not change. The value for multiple sclerosis for example has been the same for months, even when the database has been updated several times.

Screenshot from ATLAS:

Screenshot from our database:


Screenshot from Achiles analysis 401 (Number of condition occurrence records, by condition_concept_id):


Any ideas of what can be the problem?

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, as far as I’m aware in order to get these counts to update you need to restart your WebAPI application - these counts are cached and in order to refresh the cache you’ve got to restart the app.

I am curious if there’s another way to refresh the cache without restarting the application (maybe some sort of command you can run?). I asked about that here but didn’t hear back yet.

This is has changed in WebAPI v2.11 and 2.12: we used to cache in memory, but it was a large memory burden to store every concept ID’s RC and DRC count in memory, so new cache tables were introduced (although this decision may change in a later release).

Pre 2.11, a webapi restart would do the job because memory would be cleared. As of 2.11 and later, there is a ‘refresh’ button on the ‘Configuration’ section of the Atlas UI. You should be able to click ‘refresh’ next to the source, and those record counts will be reloaded into the cache.

Hi Chris,

I already tried using the refresh button in ATLAS but RC and DRC do not change, still having the same issue.

Do you know what can be the issue?


Great to hear about the refresh button! Thanks! We’re still on 2.10 so I’ll look into updating :slight_smile:

Do you have multiple CDMs? If you look at the configuration screen in atlas, (and if you have multiple cdms) you can also pick which source feeds in your record counts.

Can you also confirm which version of WebAPI you are running? That would help me understand which version of the codebase you are using.

Hi Chris,

We just have one source in the configuration screen in atlas and for that source it is checked the Record Counts (RC / DRC) option.

Our version of WebAPI is 2.9.0.

Thanks for your help!