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Phenotype Submission: Post operative new Atrial Fibrillation, across several target surgeries

Cohort Definition Name(s): [target surgery] Postoperative new Afib (any)

Contributor Name: Evan Minty, Surgery and Perioperative WG

Contributor OrcID : 0000-0003-4631-9992

Logic Description :

People may enter the cohort when observing any of the following:

procedure occurrences of ‘[target surgery]’.

Limit cohort entry events to the earliest event per person.

Inclusion Criteria

  1. Age above 18 years

Entry events with the following event criteria: who are >= 18 years old.

  1. Inpatient visit on day of surgery without ER visit immediately on or prior

Entry events having at least 1 visit occurrence of ‘Inpatient visit’, starting between 1 days before and 0 days before cohort entry start date and ending 1 days after cohort entry start date; having no visit occurrences of ‘Emergency or ER / Inpatient’, starting between 2 days before and 0 days after ‘Inpatient visit’ start date.

  1. Observation period of 365 days

Entry events having at least 1 observation period, starting anytime up to 365 days before cohort entry start date and ending 1 days after cohort entry start date.

  1. Atrial fibrillation (any) within 14d of surgery

Entry events having at least 1 condition occurrence of ‘Atrial Fibrillation (any)’, starting between 0 days after and 14 days after cohort entry start date.

  1. No prior atrial fibrillation

Entry events having no condition occurrences of ‘Atrial Fibrillation (any)’, starting anytime prior to cohort entry start date.

Recommended Study Application: Target

Assertion Statement: This cohort definition was executed on at least one real person-level observational health data source and resulted in a cohort with at least 1 person.

Clinical Description(s): Target surgical cohorts previously described / in the phenotype library. Non emergent (no ED visit) surgical encounters (via target surgery procedure occurrence) requiring inpatient stay. Condition occurrence of atrial fibrillation (first in patient’s history).

Evaluation Conclusion: Pending

Submitted Cohort Definition(s):

AAARepair_newAfib_any.txt (20.2 KB)
AorticMitralRepairReplace_newAfib_any.txt (111.0 KB)
CABG_newAfib_any.txt (113.3 KB)
CEA_newAfib_any.txt (25.6 KB)
Colectomy_newAfib_any.txt (37.0 KB)
Cystectomy_newAfib_any.txt (18.0 KB)
Esophagectomy_newAfib_any.txt (58.5 KB)
LowerExtBypass_newAfib_any.txt (918.0 KB)
LungResection_newAfib_any.txt (32.6 KB)
Nephrectomy_newAfib_any.txt (27.1 KB)
Pancreatectomy_newAfib_any.txt (13.8 KB)

Tried to attach the .csv of the enumerated individual surgeries / phenotype entries, didn’t realize that couldn’t be sent on this forum. That will go directly to the librarian :slight_smile: