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Phenotype submission - Dermatomyositis

Cohort Definition Name: “Dermatomyositis, indexed on diagnosis or symptoms”
Contributor name: Jill Hardin
Contributor OrcId: 0000-0003-2682-2187
*Logic Descripton:*First occurrence of Dermatomyositis correcting for index date misclassification
Recommended study application: outcome, indication
Assertion statement: This cohort definition was executed on five real person-level observational health data source and resulted in a cohort with at least 1 person.
dermatomyositis.txt (9.3 KB)

Target Clinical Description

Overview: Autoimmune condition that causes skin changes and muscle weakness (idiopathic inflammatory myopathy). Unknown cause.
Presentation: Red skin rash around the eyelids, red bumps around the joints (Gottron papules), arm and leg muscle weakness, joint pain.
Assessment: Clinical exam, blood analysis - creatine kinase (CK) and lactic dehydrogenase (LDH), autoantibodies; skin or muscle biopsy, Electromyography (EMG), MRI to scan muscles.
Plan: Manage symptoms - corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, physical therapy, and exercise.
Prognosis: Symptom improvement. Chronic - can last for years or be lifelong. Muscle weakness gets worse over time and leads to stiff joints and muscle wasting.

Logical Description:

Earliest occurrence of Dermatomyositis, for the first time in history. Indexed on diagnosis date of Dermatomyositis or symptoms. Cohort exit is the end of continuous observation.

Summary of PheValuator reported operating characteristics.

The PheValuator tool estimated the mean sensitivity of the phenotype to be 87% and the mean positive predictive value to be 47% across the databases.

Summary of phenotype performance metrics estimated via PheValuator tool

Literature Review:

dermatomyositis.xlsx (43.9 KB)

Hi Jill - we are currently working on a study evaluating various DM phenotypes. Would love to have your participation/insights:

ohdsi-studies/MyositisNetworkStudy: OHDSI Network Study lead by John Hopkins Myositis Group (github.com)

Network Study: Seeking Data Partners in Rheumatology - Researchers - OHDSI Forums

Please reach out directly if you’re interested, either via forum or email cmecoli1@jhmi.edu!