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Phenotype 333 Alcohol Use Disorder Credit

Hello, friends!

I’m wrapping up some research on identifying Alcohol Use Disorder in the clinical record. In the paper I’m drafting, we exercise our proposed phenotyping rules alongside the OHDSI Phenotype Library #333 and compare results. Since we’re not (currently) an OMOP shop, there’s a bunch of future opportunities for growth and collaboration in addiction research with OHDSI tools, but our current scope is really limited to noting that the OHDSI definition exists and, when translated back to our coding systems, acts in a specific way on our data.

I would really like to credit the author of the phenotype in our work but can’t find any info about them in the phenotype description, nor have I found anything published. If you know who should be cited for their work on this, would you please let me know? Your help would be much appreciated.

Kate Weber
University of Michigan Health System

Thank you for raising this important question about how to credit the contributors of a phenotype definition in the OHDSI Phenotype Library.

To identify the contributor of a specific definition, you can refer to the following guide on the OHDSI website: Phenotype Definitions in OHDSI Phenotype Library

Once there, filter by the cohortId to locate the specific phenotype. For example, in the screenshot below, you can find the cohortId along with the column titled “Contributors”. Here, the contributors’ names and corresponding ORCID IDs are listed. In the case of cohort #333, I am listed as the contributor (Gowtham A. Rao).

When crediting the author or contributors, you can use either of the following formats depending on the level of detail you wish to include:

  • Long form: “#333 of version 3.32.0 by Rao et al. from the OHDSI Phenotype Library detailed in citation [6].”
  • Short form: “Rao et al., #333 [6].”

Here, “[6]” would refer to the citation of a paper about the OHDSI Phenotype Library, which is currently under draft. You can find more about this and how to participate in the draft here: Invitation to Collaborate on Community Publication on the OHDSI Phenotype Library.

Note - this paper is open and it is part of the OKR’s of the OHDSI phenotype development and evaluation workgroup

Thank you so much for the information as well as for the phenotype itself!

I’ll get the citation into our paper and look forward to working with your team in the longer run.