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(Micheal ) #1

Hello, OHDSI
I’ve viewed the paper with validation of CDM for other uses by authors who are related in OMOP, and want to know about OSCAR and GROUCH deeply, but as (http://omop.fnih.org/OSCAR, and GROUCH) these websties can not be found. this says ‘File not found’ entering into them.
Is there another way I can approach them?

Thank you

(Christian Reich) #2


OSCAR and GROUCH used to be data characterization tools of the OMOP Initiative (as you can see from the Muppet Show names). They are long gone and no longer compatible with the current CDM. OHDSI has a data characterization tool (Greek mythology names) like Achilles, including a data quality tool called Achilles Heel, both part of Atlas. There is also a Working Group around it.

(Micheal ) #3

Thank you @Christian_Reich :slight_smile:

(Christian Reich) #4

And, btw, use the Forum search function. Many questions have been discussed in the community. Like this one, for example.

(Micheal ) #5

OSCAR and GROUCH look the history of the OMOP. :slight_smile:
I will look up them on Github .
Thank you for telling me about more specific ones.

(Christian Reich) #6

They are not on Github. Grouch is on FTP. But they don’t work anymore. Why do you want to use them?

(Micheal ) #7

I’ve seen the paper which topic is validation of CDM for drug safety surveillance research.
It’s been interesting to me, and I want to know all about it deeply. There’s the table about 10 Methods as Observational screening, Univariate self_controlled case series, High_throughput safety screening et al…). each method makes me very curious.
That’s why I am trying to find it with my effort.

(Christian Reich) #8

There are new initiatives for all of these. Achilles for Data Characterization and Quality, Atlas for cohort building and application of the methods, and the Method Library. The OMOP stuff is no longer supported. Folks still have old files on their drives, but those are essentially gone.