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OMOP SNOMED-CT version needs to be updated to 2022

Hi there,

It appears that the SNOMED-CT International version in OMOP is quite outdated, the most recent version being 30-Jul-2020.

Is there any possibility of updating this content to the latest version from 31-Mar-2022? Or at least a version from this year?

The FHIR-OMOP Oncology sub-group needs to map SNOMED-CT morphology concepts which were added in the past year and are needed for translations to OMOP concepts.

Thanks! ~May Terry

– Update: Just noted by an HL7 contributor:
The SNOMED licence requires being no more than 180 days behind the latest release:

6.2 Within one-hundred and eighty (180) days after the Licensor has notified the Licensee of the release of a new version of the International Release, the Licensee must upgrade the version of the International Release in its own systems and in the Licensee Products to that new version (or alternatively, if a subsequent version of the International Release is or has been released during the 180-day period, to that subsequent version at the Licensee’s option).

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Hi @mlterryMitre ,
you are spot on, it is time for a refresh. And it is currently being worked on. Last time we did our refresh in February, as we are always trying to find a good combination of International, US and UK SNOMED editions which we all merge into one OMOP SNOMED vocabulary. UK has been tricky lately, as they did not release a major release since May 2021 and we had kind of waited for one. We now combine the UK January release and the latest International and US releases into this. But it is not only consuming the SNOMED files and make them available in Athena, but the more cumbersome step is then to make sure that all dependencies to other vocabularies (e.g. conditions or procedures) are up to date and missing ones properly mapped. We also normally process the new versions of ICD10 against the SNOMED refresh and in this department there is a tad bit to do. To be honest, we are currently also a little bit short handed and have to stretch our resources to cope with a lot of requests. So, apologies for the somewhat delayed provision of SNOMED, but I would expect that around end of May we should have it available for download. You also might want to take a look at the quarterly vocabulary roadmap update, if you want to get an idea about what is cooking in the vocabulary kitchen.

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Hi Mik,

Thanks for the quick reply and insight into the delay. That is understandable considering the OMOP Vocabulary architecture to align concepts from different standard vocabularies under one common OMOP concept_id. The downside is as you noted - the trade-off of limited resources and time needed for the analysis and harmonization.

I haven’t done the analysis on how many SNOMED concepts could be affected over the 2 years of updates but for now, we can potentially treat it as a non-standard concept or potentially create a concept map to one that might already be available in the SNOMED-CT 2020 version. I’ll also note this as a gap for future learnings as we progress in our alignment between HL7 and OHDSI.

Thanks again!

@mik Is it possible to have a planned update release schedule from your team in terms of the SNOMED CT UK version? I appreciate the various things you have to do, but UK release is now on April 2022 version and OMOP is now on Oct 2020. My trust is also moving to April 2022 version next week. I hate to project any insinuation on the necessity to catch up, so i would just like to find out for now, your planned timescale of the next SNOMED CT UK release and which version is that going to be? Thank you.

Hi @LeileifromUK , I think you can find the answers to your questions in my previous post, most notably, the January 2022 version of SNOMED CT UK will be part of the upcoming release, scheduled for end of May.

@mik Ah, I see. How embarrassing! )-: Thank you so much. The road-map is what i have been longing for. Very good. All the best.