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Manage the version of LOINC, SNOMED

Hi all,
I have a question. How do you manage the version of LOINC, SNOMED?
For example, if the LOINC version is updated, I want to know whether the OMOP-CDM will update the LOINC as soon as it is updated, or it is updated regularly.

In short: these two get updated each time the sources release new versions, typically within a week. Sometimes it requires additional modifications that may take time (for example, domain assignments that @Dymshyts is working on right now).

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Recognising this is a historical post but given my question is almost the same, I decide to comment here. @aostropolets I dont think this statement stands true. Typically within a week is certainly questionable. The LOINC Feb release, as we were eager to check the COVID-19 tests concepts (which were added into this release), the LOINC used was 23-Aug-2021 version when we checked mid April this year.

As for SNOMED CT, tt might also adding slight complexity given each country has their own SNOMED CT release schedule. In the UK, we are now on April 2022 version, but current OMOP is still on below:

I recognise the challenge to provide a rough update schedule for all the terminology systems used, but it is not helping anybody when the users like us don’t know the planned update schedule or the stated update cycle is so far apart from the reality.

I noted the COVID-19 test in LOINC is now part of the content, which is great. Thanks for the work.
Of course, if you think there is a knowledge gap on my side, please do point out to me.

Dear @LeileifromUK , you would not have to resurrect this post from the dead, as @mlterryMitre had a similar question not long ago.
You are indeed very right, an update is dearly needed. Please read through that other post and if you have more questions, please post them there.
What Anna explained 3 years ago was right when only SNOMED US was in scope and we did not do a lot about mapping into SNOMED for a refresh. Now we collect 3 different versions, merge them and try to fix the mappings in order to provide excellent working conditions for the OHDSI community. With all these dependencies the complexity of the process has exponentially grown.

@mik Ok then, I shall comment on the other post. All the best.