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OMOP licensing information?

Hello! I am exploring the OHDSI CDM for some future interest that may be pertinent to my organization. My org may fall under the ‘vendor’ category. What are the licensing information we need be aware of? Thank you!

You need nothing, @yulingjiang. All OMOP and OHDSI artifacts are Open Source and free. The only exceptions are proprietary vocabularies. In the Athena website, you will see which ones they are.

@Christian_Reich Thank you!!

When visiting Athena Portal the message pops up listing SNOMED and HemOnc license agreements. Does it mean that in order to use Athena, one needs to meet both SNOMED and HemOnc license agreement even if one does not want to use anything related to HemOnc?

Is there an authoritative document stating the terms of usage of Athena and/or OMOP Vocab and Mapping files?


SNOMED and HemOnc are so-called click-through licenses. By using Athena you are essentially subject to the stipulations. You cannot avoid SNOMED, but you could not download and use HemOnc. So, if you want to completely ignore them - you can do so.

Thank you for your clarification!