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OMOP CDM Mapping for Vaccine Registry study


(Nitish Kumar Jha) #1


In my registry study raw datasets I have one domain in which joint assessment is being carried out. As this is a Rheumatoid Arthritis study.

In my raw data various joints have been mentioned and and there response is given like Tender/Swollen/Joint Replacement from which one of the last mentioned option needs to checked.

Please suggest me to which CDM table it should be mapped.

Thank you.

Nitish Jha

OMOP v5 Specimen feedback
Condition_occurrence, Death diagnoses
(Christian Reich) #2


I am afraid to say that, but this is probably not the right way to do this. Apparently, your superiors gave you the Registry data and threw you into the cold water, saying “Nitish, go turn it into OMOP”. But you cannot do this piece-meal one field at a time like this. You will need somebody who understands the data, from a clinical perspective, and knows the OMOP CDM or has the time to read through the documentation.

What you really need is a workshop, where you take your registry data dictionary, or the CRF documentation, and sit down with somebody and go through step by step. There are a lot of people here in the community happy to do that, but you will probably need to compensate them for that. It usually takes no more than one day.

(Nitish Kumar Jha) #3

Dear Christian,

Thanks for your kind advice…

We have clinical and mapping experts working on the study however we would like to have a workshop on ETL process of OMOP CDM as you advised.

Could you please guide me whom to contact for the same and how to procced?

Thank you for the support!


(Christian Reich) #4


Sorry for the delay. Please take a look here. Just ping these folks in the Forum or send them an email.