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Official OHDSI Guidance on Getting Things Done in Workgroups - Open comment period. Comments requested

Please read and comment on this document

It is located in the OHDSI Teams tenant in the Files section of OHDSI General team. It will be open for comment and revision until Jan 1, 2024.

It is a very short document that describes how OHDSI workgroups form, the kinds of things they do, and the categories of workgroups that the OHDSI community is organized into. It is meant to help community members understand and how to use OHDSI workgroups to get things done. It also provides some tips on running workgroups.

Feel free to suggest edits by adding comments to the document itself and to start discussions in this thread about topics you think the community should weigh in on.

Workgroup leads in particular are encouraged to look at and approve or suggest edits to the document. If a workgroup or chapter you lead isn’t listed (this document was drafted before some workgroups and chapters got started), please edit the document to include your workgroup or chapter.



This would be very useful! I wasn’t able to read it though. I got “This link is only available to internal users”.

Thanks for the attempt Chris. You might need to be logged into the OHDSI Teams tenant with your OHDSI ID for the link to work.

If that doesn’t work, try navigating to the file in the tenant by going to:
OHDSI (Team) → General (Channel) → Files (Tab)
in the OHDSI Teams tenant and see if you see a Word doc entitled “Using OHDSI Workgroups to Get Things Done”.

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Thanks for this Andrew!

This was a great very quick read (4 pages). I especially appreciated the points on the diversiy of the different groups and the emphsis on community building and communications.

Thank you, @Andrew. The document is a great summary and description and will be very useful for new members of the community (and some old ones!).

To make it more visible to newcomers and the community as a whole, it seems like it would be useful to incorporate into the Book of OHDSI. It’s probably too long (and “instructional”) to include in the Chapter 1 “Collaborating in OHDSI” section, but perhaps include your document as an appendix and refer to it from Chapter 1?

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Hi Andrew,

I was not able to access your paper either through the link or OHDSI Teams. Could you please email (nicole.gerlanc@nih.com) me a copy?


I’ve sent you the copy just in case you did not get it yet

Using OHDSI Workgroups to Get Things Done.docx (30.6 KB)

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Thank you! I wasn’t seeing it in my email (I’ll double check my account address) so thanks for posting it.

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