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Multiple snomed codes


at my organization we are currently mapping our internal catalog to SNOMED to use omop.

My question is the following: if the internal code is “First Consultation of Gynecology” this would result in 3 SNOMED codes First (qualifier value) / Consultation (procedure) / Gynecology (qualifier value).

How would you include it omop?

Thank you for your help

Not everything from SNOMED is standard in OMOP, and providers are handled in different classifications.

You would need to have Gynecology part mapped to Standard provider and fill it in provider table, and then link the procedure and the provider through visit_detail table.

As for Consultation, I think the only way you can map it is to generic Consultation, and leave ordinality (“first”) out.

Thank you for the reply Eduard!

Following the same line, in the case we would have “out patient visit with ultrasound” which is related with 2 procedures “Transvaginal ultrasound examination of female genital tract (procedure) / Consultation (procedure)”, we would have two procedures (2 procedure_occurrence_id) that could be linked by the same visit_occurrence_id, correct?

That’s how I would do it

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