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Mapping Data in ICD10CA

Hi folks,

I am about to map a data source that’s in ICD10CA (Canadian version of ICD10), but I noticed that Athena has ICD10, ICD10CM, ICD10GM, ICD10CN but no ICD10CA. In this case, my questions are:

  1. Is it doable? ( I guess the answer is YES)
  2. What is the best/proper way to do the ETL mappings

ICD10CA dictionary like this:

code        class         short_desc              long_desc
80000     ICD10CA         Neoplasm, Benign        NEOPLASM, BENIGN
80003     ICD10CA         Neoplasm, Malignant    NEOPLASM, MALIGNANT

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

R. Z.

Tagging @mik to help.

Thank you @MPhilofsky
Thanks @mik in advance. Look forward to your reply @mik.