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ISO Concept Sets for Mild liver disease [vs] Moderate to severe liver disease

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #1

I’m working on an analysis that wants to create features for Mild liver disease versus Moderate to severe liver disease. I’ve hit the edge of my clinical knowledge on how to differentiate these two in our available hierarchies. The Phenotype Library only has chronic liver disease. PHOEBE is helpful but these liver concepts are fairly interrelated.

@Gowtham_Rao @Azza_Shoaibi @aostropolets @Christian_Reich - anyone got tips on where to split this? This is clear as mud to me in the SNOMED ontology. What separates a mild from a moderate to severe case?

(Qi Yang) #2

Not sure if this post helps. In this downloadable CAESAR file, there are over 4k conditions which are labeled with SNOMED concept_id and are classified into Mild and Severe. It contains some liver diseases.

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #3

Thank you @QI_omop! This is extremely helpful.

Add it to my tab of “Favors Kristin owes Qi”… :grin:

(Qi Yang) #4


Although SNOMED has a relationship_id = ‘Has severity’, there are only 78 conditions that has this relationship and none of them is related to liver diseases. SNOMED also has another relationship_id, ‘Has clinical course’, which has more condition coverage. Clinical course mainly pertains to the onset and duration of the disease, but it also reflects the disease severity in some degree. For example, if the clinical course is 'Acute fulminating**’**, or ‘Chronic aggressive’, I would consider it as severe. Again this is dependent on the definition of severity. Out of 986 liver conditions, I have found 141 of them that has clinical course relationship and they are listed in the attached Excel file.Clinical course of some liver diseases.xlsx (28.5 KB)