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Is there a high-resolution version of the OMOP ER Diagram somewhere?

I’d like to have a copy of the OMOP ER Diagram for reference, but I can’t find a version of it where the field names are readable. Is this available anywhere? One for CDM 5.2 would be ideal. Thanks!

something that comes close is


must select 2 degrees

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@DTorok Do you have a copy of OMOP ER Diagram? We also want to have one for reference.Thank you!

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Got an outline from the CDM V6.0 pdf. Not detailed enought. We strated draw by ourself. But still better if someone share a detailed one. If anyone can share, please kindly connect me.

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@Vojtech_Huser the link you shared is empty now, can you fix it?

It is a repo from MIT. So if they deleted it, only they can fix it.