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Is Penelope data and some other data needed for deploy WebAPI?

Hello dev Ohdsiers,

I am Pepe, a computer science student, I am not sure if this post should be in Developers category or Implementers category

I am researching how works CDM and the tools involve, Atlas and WebAPI.

I am not sure if WebAPI can be deployed without Penelope data and Population for results table

Could someone explain me a little bit what is Penelope project ?

I have seen it in Penelope tables and population in Dockerfile

You can find these sql scripts here:

Penelope table

Penelope data

Also i read that maybe these data is not needed to deploy WebAPI in a OHDSI post

Is Penelope Project data needed to deploy WebAPI or it is just part of the demo_cdm, that deploys broadsea-atlasdb container ?

Is there more data in demo_cdm that is not needed to deploy WebAPI ?

Thank you for your attention.