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Does Broadsea build Atlas?


I’m currently trying to use Broadsea to deploy Atlas but I’m not seeing anywhere in the Dockerfile where the npm run build command to build the Atlas web application is executed. Because of this, if I follow the instructions in the README for Broadsea, when I spin the docker container up and try to navigate to http://localhost:8080/atlas, I get a bunch of 404s because the node_modules/ folder under atlas/ hasn’t been created.

Is there something I’m missing? One thing to note is that I removed Penelope from the Dockerfile because I’m only concerned with Atlas, but it doesn’t seem like that should affect anything related to building or deploying Atlas.

(Lee Evans) #2

@vmjoshi I’m currently working on updating broadsea-webtools to deploy the latest version of Atlas (2.7.x) which will include the npm build command. It should be available soon - I’m currently testing.

I’m also removing Penelope from the broadsea-webtools Docker image because I believe the majority of Broadsea users only want to run Atlas. If there is still OHDSI community interest in Penelope in the future, we can release a separate broadsea-penelope Docker image.


Alright, thank you! I was able to get it working by adding a node stage that runs the Atlas build before the existing tomcat based one in the Dockerfile, I’ll be interested to see your implementation strategy.

(Lee Evans) #4

@vmjoshi Atlas v2.7.2 is now available on Docker Hub:


FYI I didn’t use a multi-stage Docker build, but it’s on the eventual to-do list :slight_smile: Feel free to submit a pull request if you’d like to implement and test a multi-stage build Dockerfile for the node build step.