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Interest in an OHDSI Education Working Group?

(Nigel Hughes) #21

Looking forward to working together @TengLiaw - and to discussing our courses.

(Nigel Hughes) #22

Thanks Sara, looking forward to working together on this too!

(Ross Williams) #23

Hi Nige,

I’m also keen in helping out with this and I am also helping to set up an early stage researchers WG within ohdsi so see a lot of potential for crossover there

(Nigel Hughes) #24

Hi @RossW - excellent, and indeed I would imagine a lot of linkage across WGs.

I’m working on an overall remit and propose that we likely meet first together after Easter, so next month, to kick this off.

More to follow…

(Lee Evans) #25

Hi @nigehughes I’m interested in this working group. Please include me.

(Nigel Hughes) #26

Hi @lee_evans - thank you, will keep you in the loop too as we set this up.

(Asieh Golozar) #27

Hi @nigehughes, I’d like to help with this. Please count me in.

(Nigel Hughes) #28

That’s great @agolozar - will do!

(Lkubendran) #29

Hi Nige
Please add me in, I am interesting in Developing materials for OHDSI

Lakshmi K

(Nigel Hughes) #30

@sseager @Dymshyts @CharlesG @SCYou @danielmorales @SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN @lizbetts @TengLiaw @Sara_Khalid1 @RossW @lee_evans @agolozar @lkubendran

Thanks once again for your positive response, and for your patience. Could you please do the following:

  1. Send me an email to nhughes@its.jnj.com
  2. Complete the doodle for an initial introductory meeting: https://doodle.com/poll/d3tsngpnahybtbye?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link

I suspect the timing will be a challenge for our call across timezones, but let’s see what we can do.

I am working on an initial premise for this WG and will circulate an outline prior to the first call.

Very much looking forward to collaborating in this WG and to enhancing what we hope to achieve in educating on all related to RWD/RWE and OHDSI.



(Andrew Williams) #31

@nigehughes I apologize for not seeing this post sooner.
I’m very belatedly and very enthusiastically interested.
Thanks for initiating this.

(Nigel Hughes) #32

Hi @Andrew

No worries, delighted to hear from you. Would you mind both completing the doodle and emailing me via the prior post?

I’m setting up the initial WG call, and also just want to ensure I have everyone’s emails.



(Nigel Hughes) #33

It looks like Friday 23rd April 14:00 - 15:00 CET is the best option for the majority, and apologies to those who would find this difficult.

I’ll send out an MS Teams invite to you via your email addresses.

In between then and now I’ll send some material to stimulate our discussion in terms of a proposed mandate/approach for this WG.



(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #35

@ekatzman can you help @nigehughes get a spot in OHDSI MS Teams for this?

(Elisse Katzman) #36

yep- emailed Nige
for anyone who wants to join the Education Working Group, please use this form to sign up